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      AvatarGoran Plećaš
      I have been on mobilitywod since 2015. I’ve read supple leopard and freestyle connection and only train  while prioritizing my spinal mechanics aka bracing before every work out. 
      This is the problem.
      I feel I restricted in my breathing.. I do not know how to relax over a foam roller and what do i need to do when i foam roll or use the resistance band. I try to not force my breathing but only tighten my core and pelvic floor during the exhale? I do not even know what to concentrate on when trying to keep posture. I know the tongue on the roof of the mouth will close my last circuit (no open circuits for good spine mechanics)
      Not sure how to hold my head  , ( I know the pretend the string is on to of my head will get my neck to lengthen, and I know chest up or open and shoulders down and externally rotated or focus on external rotating the collar bone)
      Also when I do the resistant band. Am i Kissing the corners? Or some are different depends on what I do. I also know when u push or abduct is when u exhale, however I’m not sure how to only exhale on the pushing movement..
      Also when bracing.. is the key to hold the tension in the pelvic floor and inner abdominals? Like squeeze my pelvic floor (aka hold my pee) and act like im about to be slapped in belly?
      I brace every time before I dead lift , however currently I DO NOT WORK OUT because I have a reversed curve neck. 
      FROM reading everything kstar,roop sihota, carl paoli, and diane fu;  I feel that working out is reinforcing my reversed curve in the neck and I do not workout. I wont do pull ups or dead lifts or squats or anything until I get another xray with a normal neck.
      I believe the reversed curve KEEPS me not in neutral so basically every workout right now is worsening it.
      I have all levels of mwod tools (lacrosse ball, foam roller, super nova, gemini, vodoo bands, theracane, etc….) the only one i seem to use correctly is the lacrosse balls 
      I would like to know, How do I hold my head up on day to day functions. Which muscles are suppose to be firing to keep it neutral?
      Do i need to be relaxed over the foam roller? (I know you need to be exhaling when you come off)
      Do I use kiss all the corners with the resis bands because passive stretching is outdated?
      How do I breathe and stay neutral?
      What ques  will help? (I know chest up, externally rotate collar bone, tongue on roof) 
      Can I even be neutral with the reverse curve? 
      I honestly never feel stronger after a workout in terms of skill transferring. 
      My forward head also adds 59 Lbs (I have a 12Lb head with 3.8 forward)
      And if you say target the t-spine. That is what I keep trying to do but I do not know how to relax or what to do with the foam roller..
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Is there a coach or another athlete who you can work with to help you work concepts into action? When the MWod directory is back up this is another resource to search for someone in your area.
      Are you seeing someone about dealing with the reverse curve in your neck? With the reverse curve there is more playing in.

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      AvatarGoran Plećaš

      I was seeing someone but they have Me on this slow program trying to charge $1k a month for 15mins sessions 3x a week .. not sure why I can’t get some tips without scalping my bank account. Also the closest guy in mwod directory to me is 500miles..

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