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      bought the book / mwod pro 2-3 months ago and working on fixing my shoulder problem since then (here is a picture: http://abload.de/img/30js86.jpg – always missed a ton of ROM in that position leading to shoulder pain and weak presses). I greatly improved my posture / awareness, mobilized my t-spine, pec, ant./post. shoulder, lat, etc (basically what’s shown in the mwod pro videos), distracted my joint etc. but can’t seem to accomplish lasting change (after doings the mobs it def. feels better). I watched the “cant make change” video of kstar and it made sense and tried to do the points he mentioned but still no success.
      Any help is appreciated!
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      You will need to continue to do the mobs as your body is learning new positioning and this can take some time to maintain. Once it is in a place where the position is able to be maintained doing the mobs will take more of a maintenance role.
      Are you squeezing your butt with your ribs down?
      You need to get your armpit forward.
      Bring your thumb around as if it was going around a bar.
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