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      AvatarKasandra Dowling

      Hello MOBWOD community, 

        If I had to guess how often this question gets asked it would have to be way to much but I am really trying to seek some honest true genuine advice on what I need to do. I have a yearly subscription to MOBWOD along with ROMWOD. Everyday upon waking up I complete a session from ROMWOD targeting my lower body and then I go and workout. Upon finishing my workout I come home and start my muscle tissue release with some foam rolling or lacrosse ball. I then proceed to do some banded work on my ankle and some flossing for the back of my ankle. I even work on my hip joint capsule with the band but nothing has been working for me at all. I have been working tirelessly on my hips, calves and ankles to try and get some form of motion but in the end fail. I really have no idea what to do anymore. All I do know is no one in my family is flexible and we all have tight hips and ankles. Even some family members ended up having back surgeries in the long run. 
      My goal from this website was to help loosen up and become more mobile to be able to squat and deadlift without lower back pain.Every time I go to squat I end up falling backwards due to really bad impingement in the front of my ankle. If I took a 45 pound bumper plate though and place my hells on it then I have no problem getting into the squat but I know this is bad for the knees which is why I do not perform that. I also invested into some good squatting shoes but they do not help either right now. 
      I really want to increase my compound lifts but can’t due to the lack of mobility and I am starting to feel a bit negative towards it because all the work I do ends up feeling like a waste of time due to no changes at all. 
      Can anyone share some advice. It seems like I can’t even do most of the positions required in the videos on this website because I just don’t even have enough mobility to do so. 
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas
      If you are doing work and not seeing change you need to take a new approach to the issue.
      Have you contacted anyone about this situation?
      Have you watched 
      Have you watched
      Have you watched the squat archetype episodes of the 14 day mobility challenge?
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