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      AvatarTory Kornblum

      Hi everyone,

      I am a new member of MWOD and looking for advice on how to best use MWOD and the daily workouts.
      My main issues are from what I can infer myself – shoulder/chest (injured it a couple years ago and not been right since), hip/lower back (hip gets sore in a squat and I struggle to keep a neutral spine at the bottom of a squat) and my 
      My general flexibility and mobility is also poor and I think it impacts on my expression of strength. I can split squat about 180lbs (80kgs) for reps but struggle to squat 220 on the back for one rep, I can also nearly hit 220 (100kgs) on the front squats.
      My bench is poor probably maxing at 160 lbs for one rep but I can bench dumbbells for reps at about 60 lbs in each hand. My left shoulder really lets me down in the traditional bench.
      I can do a pull up with 45 lbs, walking lunges with 70 lbs in each hand and other exercises such as a 2 k row on a concept 2 in 6.43 and 500m row in 1.26 which suggests my overall strength is pretty good.
      My questions are to the more experienced with mobility issues – 
      1. Have you experienced better strength after increasing your mobility?
      2. I am going to do 20 minutes in the morning and 20 in the evening – should I focus on my shoulder and hip for a couple of weeks only or should I do a shoulder or hip each day along with another area such as the foot?
      3. Should I do the same shoulder or hip exercises each day or should I cange them each day?
      4. If so how long shuold I do the same exercises for?
      Thanks for your help
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Welcome to the MIWOD Community.

      To answer your questions:
      1.Working with mobility will allow you to express proper positioning/technique which results in the best expression of your strength. Resolving performance limiters which are mobility related directs your energy to performing the skill, lift, task etc. The movements are “less expensive” to complete.

      2. Mobility Wod prioritizes midline stablization over everything. Following the “core to extremity” concept if you don’t organize and brace your spine in a neutral position with head aligned over shoulders and ribcage over pelvis you can’t effectively transmit energy to the primary engines of your hip and shoulder.
      Start with your lower back then hip and shoulder.
      Keep session to 3 elements.

      3. Work with an exercise until you stop seeing change or the issue is resolved.

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