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      AvatarTina Mitaine

      First lets sum up my info:

      Training: Powerlifting (first ice cream fitness, next starting strength and currently the texas method)
      Age: 16
      Weight: 78 KG
      Injury: First it started with a shoulder injury and next i got a lower back injury. Both should probably be due to triggerpoints around the shoulderblades and glutes. I am currently doing dry needling with physical therapist for my shoulder blades but my shoulder injury isn’t really gone. Have only been doing dry needling once to my glutes so this we will start doing again this week. I am doing intu-flow everyday for like 1/2 months by now and just started functional patterns this week.
      The pain of my glutes goes through my calves and hamstrings, my shoulder pain goes through my tricep and forearm as well.
      Also i ocasionaly have knee and elbow pain.
      It feels like nothing helps getting rid of my injurys..
      I am also trying to work on my posture a lot more since now.
      I don’t follow The texas method correctly, i am currently not deadlifting anymore.
      First i didn’t bench and overhead press anymore as well but since this month i needed to try it again to see if the dry needling worked. And i exchanged my back squats for front squats last week but probably will also stop doing those.
      Sorry for my bad grammar and if there are any questions just ask.
      The injurys probably have nothing to do with my joints but more a musculair problem. It’s also a electric pain (can’t find the right word for it to describe)
      Does any of you have some tips or things i can do?
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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      I would get yourself to a medical physician. Electrical pain is typically nervous system related and you are in a prime age group for possible disc injuries. There is likely a problem with you basic abilities to breathe, brace, and create tension and stiffness around the spine. It sounds like you are not making any progress with the dry needling. My professional advice is get yourself to a doctor and find out what is going on. You can certainly recover fully from a disc injury but you need to know what you are dealing with first.

      Travis Jewett
      MWOD Staff
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      AvatarTina Mitaine

      Thanks for the awnser!

      I think i will need to go to a doctor then anyway. When i asked my physical therapist she said it couldn’t be a disk injury because i could bend all the way to my toes (this is already 1,5 month ago or so). But my pain is always different, the one time i can’t even bend my back slightly and the other time i have no pain at all. 
      Most of the times the pain will come a day or couple of hours after i have used my lower back. Like when i work i need to lift boxes and after that i most of the times would have the lower back pain again. Also after squatting or deadlifting it would come back, last week i could do front squats 2 times and after the pain came back again.
      So i should just go to a doctor to get an x-ray scan done instead of asking my physical therapist if it is a disk injury or not?
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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      Without imaging it is impossible to know if there is an injury to a disc or not. In the mean time make sure you are working on a deep squat just holding a light kettle bell or dumbbell and working to keep your torso as upright as possible. Any motion you can gain in your hips will take pressure off your spine. Check the MWOD site for any hip motion videos. If you are not an MWOD member you can sign up for a 10 day free trial and search for videos.

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      AvatarTradd Horne

      The never ending injuries title caught my attention….if it helps…I seem to have something me everyday.

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