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      Wondering if you guys can help me with an issue I’m having on the rower. Once in a while I get this electric pinprick feeling exactly on the medial tip of my 2nd toe and sometimes lateral tip of my big toe. This happens as I approach or hit full leg extension on the drive. It comes and goes intermmittently, most days no problem but every once in a while it’ll just keep happening. 

      Now I know disc herniation is the first thought whenever there’s a nerve issue in the leg, especially rowing. But I’ve never had any back pain or back issues and my doctor ruled out disc herniation, plus from what I understand (and correct me if I’m wrong) if it were back pain it would start at the back and radiate down my leg and would be massively painful. This pain only happens at the end of my toe and isn’t broad and excruciating, only quick electrical pinpricks on my toe that vanish after a split second and only once in a while. My back position while rowing seems to have no effect, and I cannot reproduce it any other way, not deadlifting, toe touching (round or straight back), foam rolling, running, hamstring stretching, etc. Only very rarely I get it if I do a forward leg swing dynamic stretch. 
      This all makes me think there must be some slight nerve entrapment downstream in my leg. I do lots of Kelly’s mobs but this little nagging problem hasn’t gone away. Is it possible to tell where this entrapment is based on where the pain is manifesting and what can I do about it? 
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      Where you are experiencing the pain isn’t necessarily where the root cause of the problem originates.
      Have you looked upstream and downstream of the issue?
      Does this happen when you are in triple extension in other movements?

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