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      AvatarSteve Jenkins

      So this is a dumb and frustrating one…. I need to be a better advocate for myself…

      The Story:
      Was at a local CrossFit comp. They had a Chiro. onsite doing free work. I was tight in my lats and shoulders so i decided to see if the Chiro could work on me (first mistake).

      I told him where I was tight, he did a quick eval on me and decided to do some myofascial work on my chest, anterior delts, traps, and arms. I knew that I really just wanted him to work on my back (lats and posterior delts) but I assumed he had his reasons for going after the front and I wasn’t going to argue with free (second mistake).

      When he got to the front of my traps (I was laying on my back) he decided to dig into a spot to “release” some tension. When he got deep I felt a hot nervy (sp?) pain. I immediately flinched and told him I was feeling a “hot nervy pain” (yes, that is exactly what I said). His response… “See if you can breathe through it.” (WHAT!?!?) Then he went after the same spot again, and again I flinched. he tried a third time, with less force, I still flinched and he moved on.

      Now I know that sort of nerve pain is bad and you should stop doing whatever it is your doing if you feel it but when you’re laying on a table and a “professional” is working on you I’d hope they would know enough to try something else and not just say “See if you can breathe through it”… I really should have just stuck up for myself and stopped him (third mistake)!

      The Question(s):
      So now, almost a week later. I’m having some weird feelings around the area he was working on. I keep feeling like it itches, it will start to tingle at random times or get hotter than the rest of my body, and that side of my neck is way tighter than the other. It doesn’t bother me at all when I’m working out. My question is, will this heal on it’s own or should I try and go see someone else (a professional I trust)? I’m assuming there isn’t much that can be done with a nerve tweak??? Should I just try and rest it and see what happens? Should I be concerned that permanent damage has been done?

      fyi – I have not contacted the chiro but was thinking of calling and giving him a piece of my mind.

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