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      David D'AmoreDavid D’Amore

      I’ve lived sedentary for the most part of my life and started exercising a few years ago. Back then I knew nothing about mobility and I just learned bad patterns due to being immobile. Later on I found out that I have an anterior pelvic tilt (bubble butt) I tried out some stretching but I gave up soon after because I wanted to be mobile “yesterday” which is one of my biggest issues.

      I worked really hard on my squat it was really bad a few months ago, but I changed many things like foot position and just spent many hours on end in the squat rack either thinking profusely or squatting. So far my squat looks “okay” during load thats heavy relative to what I can squat. Heavy loads press me down backward and all I have to do is to balance. However during light load I lose balance and fall over and if you look at my squat without any weight; I either tilt very far forward or I fall down. I can maintain an upright torso only if I have my feet very wide like a sumo deadlift, but that just looks awkward and my feet rotate outward when I bend down.. Anyway; here’s some videos of me doing a regular (feet shoulder with apart squat) and a really wide stance squat;

      As you can see in the video there’s a lot of tilting forward and the only way I can explain it is; that it feels like… my lower back/glutes are restricted and I cant extend backward. It’s like a tightness in the lower back/glute/upper back area. I’m having a hard time remaining upright.

      Regular stance (in olympic shoes) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujzSX9CFe4A&feature=youtu.be

      Wide stance (in olympic shoes) –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDwX15-YkJk&feature=youtu.be

      Wide stance (without olympic shoes) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPGtutUM0nA&feature=youtu.be

      My goal is to develop a clean Olympic-style squat. I’ve always been fascinated with Olympic lifting and starting next month I’m going to look for a weightlifting club. But starting today I would like to first get comfortable in the squat without load and work my way up. What stretches do I need to do? What corrections should I make? I’ll do anything, I want to improve. I’m currently squatting 3 times a week and my knees are starting to take a real beating. I’m thinking about backing of regular back squats and just focusing on cross-armed front squats and do some mobility work because my front squat actually looks and feels great.

      What are your thoughts on the goblet squat?

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      AvatarAlexis Toyane

      I think this is a great video to follow and watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2b8UdqmlFs 

      You appear to be lacking some mobility of being able to get your butt down without leaning way forward. Your back flattens to much.  your wide stance video looks better than regular, but I think lack of flexibility and mobility is still an issue.  You should have a feeling of sitting “back” in a squat.  It might help to place a box/chair, etc.. below your butt, so that when you squat down, your butt makes contact with the object at a point your legs are parallel to the ground. Try to sit down on it, then press yourself back up. 
      Also, back squat and front squat work different muscles, to a degree.  A low bar back squat, for example, uses glutes, hamstrings, hips and some quads. The front squat is much more quad focused because of how upright you are. 
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