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      Have had lower back pain for about a year now. First started with the back just becoming tight one workout, happened a couple times and went to a chiropractor and they did some work and then pain started and hasn’t left since. In the morning’s it’s super stiff to bend over. I’ve been doing mobility all the time, about 40 minutes worth a day and I can’t figure out the problem.

      I tend to go into an overextended position when doing  power cleans, squats, and deads. I’ve been going light working on staying tight but no matter what I do the pain still is there. I’ve done mobility on my hip flexors, psoas, ql, little bit of the hammy’s and t spine. My old coach says it’s from my upper back being so tight that my lower back has to compensate. If I hang upside down from a bar the pain goes away but not for long periods of time.
      If this helps at all, when I sit down on the floor with my feet straight out in front of me and I try to sit up straight my upper back still tends to slouch forward. I fight to keep it straight and then soon my middle and upper back start to get a little tight. Is this from a tight chest, traps and scaps, or is it from hammy’s? Any help would be much appreciated! I’m sick of dealing with this!
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