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      AvatarJames Weicher

      First post here, and looking on some advice on what I should be fixing – I am not sure I have the body terminology right so I cant seem to find suggestions on mwod on what I should be fixing or how to.

      40 years old and seem to have 2 marble sized balls,1 on each side of spine at lower back that appeared maybe 3 months ago. Chiro/PT says its inflammed facet joints. Hard to stand up straight right after I am stting or laying down, then 20 seconds later I can stand up straight but still lower back hurts and almost feel right through to front of body. After session with Chiro (heat and then adjustment) I am fine almost immediately for days with no pain. Then will do something that aggravates it and it wont seem to get better until I go back to Chiro and cycle repeats.

      I took 4 weeks off of Crossfit after last adjustment and had no pain during that 4 weeks, but felt pain again next morning after 1st Wod back, then it went away for one whole day on it own, and now its back again.

      I have been using lacrosse ball hard on both sides of spine for about 20 minutes 2 times per day and stretching but doesnt seem to be helping (perhaps i am not doing the right mobility exercises). Not sure if related (but will mention just in case) but once in a great while my right glute will hurt for an hour or so out of blue and cause me a slight limp until its worked out.

      Any suggestions on what it is I am experiencing (and correct body area name so that I can find related posts, videos, and articles here on mwod), how to self fix, how long I should go without working out to heal (if even needed), etc?

      Thank you in advance as I really miss being active and especially not hurting all day.

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      Did the chiro or PT give you an action plan to address the inflamed facet joints?
      Are you over extended when sitting or laying down?
      Are you sitting in an organized position?
      Are you laying on your back?

      You are ok for some time after the heat and adjustment because it address the symptoms not the cause of the problem. The issue shows up again because the cause of the issue is still present.
      It is improved after going back to the chiro because the position is re set with the adjustment.

      Taking time off let the issue start to heal, but the cause is still present which is why it showed up the morning after your 1st wod back.

      If you are working on things and not seeing any change you need to re access the situation.
      Pro Episode # 21 – Pro-User Request Friday: Not Seeing The Change? You Need a Systems Approach.

      The lacrosse ball may be too hard for your body to relax.
      I would recommend using a Yoga Tune Up ball
      There are some quick fixes here  the low back/upper back and hip videos  hit things in another way.
      A link to a free quick fix
      Is there someone that you could talk w/ get help from with mobility work?

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