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      AvatarNestor Balaban

      Ok this may sound over
      the top but this has been something I have been debating lately.  I have a
      unique situation in my opinion and I will try to explain without writing a
      novel.  Ok so I have been dealing with medial epicondylitis for 2 years
      know.  I believe wide grip pull-ups with poor internal rotation caused the
      initial flare up.  After fighting this thing for a long time I question if
      I am capable of solving the issue myself.  Things Iv tried: Vodoo
      Flossing, cold/hot therapy, tons of massage work, not performing wide grip pull-ups
      or anything that may cause the pain response.  I have recently bought the
      arm aid and love it but still do a feeling of health to the elbow. I have been
      to an ART person (8 to 10 sessions) and it was ok but found I could do the same
      for free.  I use KT tape when I plan on being really active and find it to
      be helpful.  Ok so I do not have full elbow extension and have
      a grinding/popping sensation at end range.  If I go into that full
      range I will be very sore the next day.  I do have a mass of tissue in the
      elbow that feels gunky.  Honestly I feel like it has been injured
      and re-injured for so long I don’t think I
      can restart the healing policy on my own.  
                   Secondly I will be quick, I have been dealing with
      a lower abdominal strain/hernia for 1 year.  First happen after a set of
      front squats at 225.  I am not symptomatic until i try to be an
      athlete.  Things that cause my pain include jogging, Front squats,
      any rotational core activity, pull-ups and planking if done
      with enough intensity.  Also if I irritate it I can notice
      swelling in my lower abdominal.  I know I am a mess not fun.


      Finally I am considering
      seeing orthopedic treatment such as MRI/Doctor to see if surgery
      is an option.  I do not want to go this route but feel at this point I
      want to just be functional enough to be active an use my body.  Does
      anybody have advice as to a medial epicondylitis procedure (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thip-pKzHUc
      or a hernia repair.  


      Thank You if you read
      all this and would love to hear thoughts

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      For the elbow, there is a procedure called PRP (plasma rich platelet injection) with subcutaneous debridement. I’d look into this procedure if you feel you can not get any further on your own. It is less invasive and has shown good success. Make sure you have exhausted your non-surgical options before you pursue anything like that. 

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      AvatarNestor Balaban

      Ok I have heard of this and will look into it more.  I agree with you on exhausting non- surgical option first for sure.  Thanks Travis

      Anyone have thoughts on Hernia type symptoms any MWod videos that involve hernia and/or treatments?
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      AvatarDaniel Lugn

      Take it with a grain of salt as my issue may have been different then yours but when I was younger I had bad, persistent golfers elbow in both arms. Ended up being neck and postural and a few weeks addressing this with stretching and exercises the issue went away. So if you havent looked at those, it may be something simple to check out before going under the knife.

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      AvatarMichael Harker

      I’ve had great results with elbow voodoo for medial epicondylitis. You might try it daily for a week if you haven’t done that yet. I’ve also been told that sleeping with your elbow bent under your pillow can make it worse, so maybe try some straight arm sleeping. HTH.

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      AvatarNestor Balaban

      I have heard that Neck can have impact down stream on the elbow. If anyones got a list of Neck Mobs videos I would love to check that out. I am restricted in the neck. Also I have voodoo flossed daily but I think it irritates it more than helps I have the red band maybe trying the black for the elbow may be a better fit?
      Thank you guys for the suggestions .

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