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        On Monday, after doing heavy bench press for the strength portion of my workout, I went into a fairly light thruster as the first movement for my metcon. On the down portion I noticed my shoulder felt a little odd and on the way up, as I started to press, I felt my neck and shoulder lock up on the right side. Since then I have felt constant pain in the right side of my neck (back and front) and shoulder (feels like trap down my back, top of my shoulder, and even just above my clavicle). It feels like everything is on lock-down and I can’t get it to let up. My Acupuncturist thinks it’s my Levator Scapulae that’s in spasm.

        I’ve been to see my Chiropractor (he uses the Koren Specific Technique as well NUCCA) and my Acupuncture guy. Both have provided some relief and I think doing both has been a huge help, since I can now turn my head to drive and put my own socks on. But, I’m still in constant pain and working out seems to be out of the question at the moment. Of course this is all great timing with the first Open WOD being announced Thursday.

        Any ideas or thoughts on how to get it calmed down and fixed as soon possible? I need to get back up and moving by Saturday if possible.

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          Good to hear you are seeing some improvement from the Chiropractor and Acupuncture.
          May need follow up sessions with them.
          Soft Tissue of Neck
          Jill Miller and Your Dys-Supple Neck
          Soft Tissue of the Upper Back
          Jill Miller has some great quick fixes here
          A link for a free quick fix is on the right
          Sometimes it takes hitting an area different ways to get different aspects.
          Neck, shoulders, upper back,  stress relief are ones to check out.
          Beneficial to hit the areas more than once a day if possible especially in the beginning.

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