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      AvatarZoey Dowling

        Hey, I was hoping someone could help me out with any ideas to relieve my neck pain. I was doing something and turned my head to the right extremely quick and felt almost like a pop in the left side of my neck in the back towards the base of the skull. I have tried to various mobRx’s such as the jill miller one with putting a ball in your trap and moving your arm through a range of motion. I haven’t really seen any improvement though. It doesn’t really hurt if I am looking forward but when I go to look to the right I feel a pretty intense pain in the base of the skull. I noticed when performing the mobs that my left trap is extremely sensitive at the top in the center and near the neck itself. Any ideas to relieve this pain?


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          Your shoulder/ upper ribs/t spine could tie in.
          If you have a subscription have you watched “soft tissue of the neck”?or “soft tissue of the upper back”? working down stream
          Jill Miller and Your Dys-Supple Neck
          The Beauty Queen, First Rib Overhead Mob of Death
          Pain is a lagging indicator.
          The trap is sensitive, but are you working through it?

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          Speaking as someone with a lot of neck and shoulder issues, I’ve learned the importance of focusing on one thing at a time/session. It takes time, and depending on what the underlying problem is it can take quite a long time to see improvement. I’ve adhesions in shoulder, lats, and t-spine (and a severe whiplash) that are very slow to respond to anything, probably due to how long they have been there. The take-home is that it can take longer than we might like to see consistent results, but the first thing is to identify what the problem is.

          Have you experienced increased headaches after the incident you described? 

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          AvatarZoey Dowling

            Thank you Kaitlin. I have been slowly working through it and seen some small results.


            Catherine: I have experienced some small headaches. Main thing that I have noticed though is my left jaw and ear ache and cause discomfort when I eat which I’ve never had before. I had this slightly before the incident when I was on vacation. I had gotten water in my ear and it was very windy and my ear began to ache. I noticed the discomfort increased after the incident with my neck though.

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              This sounds like a situation where it would be beneficial to see a doctor.
              New symptoms are showing or symptoms from before the situation are getting worse.
              Did you get the water out of your ear??
              Episode 289: Head Positioning and The Closed Jaw Circuit Part 1
              Episode 289: Head Positioning and The Closed Jaw Circuit Part 2
              Seriously. Do This Yesterday. One of My All Time Shoulder Fixes

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              AvatarZoey Dowling

                Yes, I got all of the water out. I focused on a number of things that helped relieve the issue. I focused on muscles along the scapula and then the traps. My muscles on the right side were so tight that it was pulling on my left side which wouldn’t allow my left side to release so everytime I would turn my head to the right, it pulled on the connection at the base of the skull severely.

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