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      AvatarLauren Hyser

      Hi – wondering if someone might be able to help me please.

      I’ve had terrible tightness in my neck on both sides. The tightness runs along my traps all the way to the base of my skull. The tightness causes relatively severe pain that prevents me from working out.
      The tightness seems worse during and after I work out. I’m not sure what is causing it as I have a myriad of issues from tight pecs, traps and also shoulders. In addition, my hip flexors are tight (i sit for most of the day at work) which means my squat form isn’t quite spot on.
      Essentially my question is does anyone know the best method to go about alleviating my neck pain? Also, how long until you see a change in the tissue so that you can resume workouts (obviously this will just be a general guideline rather than anything too specific.)
      Thanks in advance.
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      AvatarNathan Richer
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