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      After watching more and more MWod videos I’m thinking

      There must be something fundamentally wrong with the sport somebody
      is doing if there is so much need to fix on a weekly basis. Makes me actually very scared to go
      back in to crossfit.

      My Question: Are there any movement patterns that could be done on daily bases.
      a friend mention Bearcrawls for example are great for the shoulder stabilizer.

      Cause lets be honest, a caveman did not do any of the mobility Wod’s.
      So In my mind, this means get rid of the wrong movements/sports and
      incorporate the right ones. Instead of fixing constantly problems that get produced,
      because we do stuff that is just not natural… aka 50 Kipping pullups… and so on.
      I agree you should be able to use your body properly… and the movement of for example a Kipping pullup
      might be natural, but not 50 or more. Kelly says you need to learn the software for your body… I think this Idea is atleast 50% wrong.
      How did the caveman learned its software! I guess through natural movements that provide Mobility training automatically.
      Hope nobody takes this as a war against crossfit or Kelly. But I think its a valid cretique.
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      AvatarNathan Richer


      As for daily movement patterns, i would look to:
      The Naked Warrior by Pavel book and DVD – i love his GTG “Grease the Groove” methodology which basically says to do movements never to failure all day long.  walk under a chin up bar, do a few chin ups, then continue on. come to a chair, do a few single leg pistols into it. then walk on. etc.
      Convict Conditioning book and DVDs – lots of body weight stuff in there, so doable in/around the house
      Raising the Bar book and DVD – more body weight stuff with a bar – I love jungle gyms for kids!
      Original Strength and Original Strength Performance by Tim Anderson – he promotes a ton of basic movements like crawling etc. You can download his original book Pressing Reset.
      Exploring Functional Movement DVD by Gray Cook and MovNat guy Erwan Le Corre – Gray Cook is a PT and really into early movement patterns for rehab and health/fitness.  You should also look into MovNat.
      Good luck!
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      AvatarWilliam Anderson

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