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      John CarriereJohn Carriere

        I have always struggled with my squat. I like to attribute it to my years of inactivity and having a desk job. It has become a lot better since adding mobility work, however the dreaded “Butt wink” still plagues me.

        Originally I thought this was due to the horrible flexibility of my hamstrings; I’m not so sure that’s the case anymore since after stretching I can reach the 90 deg. bend in my leg. I then moved onto thinking it was my ankle range (in defense of this theory it still sucks) but I can use my Oly shoes to make up that extra range of motion I’m missing. After watching the recent Pro episodes on this matter I thought I was maybe starting my squat in an over extended position to begin with and the wink is just my spine going back to neutral at the bottom; It’s hard for me to tell though. I thought by squeezing my butt and torquing in I should have solve that issue.
        Anyway, I’ve attached links to the squat videos I have on my dropbox. I’m hoping you can see them. I should note the video in which you can’t see my feet, I was squatting bear foot to show the difference between me using oly shoes and not using them.

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        John CarriereJohn Carriere

          …and one more thing. Can someone please maybe explain or share a cue for the “Drive hamstrings back” to initiate the squat; I find it confusing as I have no way of “feeling” if I’m doing it (If I’m suppose to feel tension/stretch in my hammies, I do not get that at all). I was originally taught with the cue drive your butt back, and from reading BASL this could be my issue as well.

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          AvatarStacy Kellough


            Looks like you are definitely overextended when you un-rack the bar. You also look to be extending even more when you first initiate your squat. Focus on sitting straight down and driving knees out. These are positioning faults that you can clean up with some practice.
            If you are still squatting like this when you have Oly shoes on you should start at the hips. Check out these two videos below. You probably are missing a lot of hip flexion and hip external rotation. Start there and continue to work on your squat technique with little to no weight. If you can’t do a relatively clean body weight squat, you should stay away from back squatting until you have cleaned up your movement.
            Good luck,
            MWOD Coach
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            Avatarsimon brooks

              Hey mike I am addressing a similar issue. I have found these cues help.

              1. First movement should be to hip hinge and tilt torso forward a bit.
              2. Drive knees out keeping butt on
              3. As you continue lowering raise your torso and keep chest up.
              Anyone else have better cues? I have to fight not to overextend. The key is to have tension in the hamstrings so they don’t go all wonky
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              John CarriereJohn Carriere

                Took some videos before performing the Case Study 2 mobs and after. After is way better… I can slightly see a wink in maybe 40% of my squats. I think if I keep up with it as a daily mob then I’ll be squatting again in no time. 

                I will say once I cleaned that up my ankle restriction became the largest limiting factor. My right foot has the amazing ability to always turn out. That foot could probably be loaded with 200lbs in the opposite direction and it would still turn out :/
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