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      I could write an essay in this box with all my limitations but I will keep it brief as possible:

      – age 9 had Perthe’s disease in right hip. Was operated on, right femur is now somewhere between 1.5-2 cm shorter than left. Had a metal plate in there for a year or so and was in bed in traction for around 6-8 months at that age… my body has worked around this problem as I’ve grown and moved through the world and some of movement patterns are more than ugly.

      – is causing all sorts of issues trying to move, train and walk like a supple leopard. missing external rotation of right hip, my lumbar musculature has to work extremely hard to keep my pelvis level as possible, weak / lazy gluteal muscles on right side.

      – missing some hip flexion and extension (my left side is actually worse than my right side on this pattern)

      – Right ankle is a mess, it’s pronated much more than left, fallen arch, and the calcaneus  is freakishly tight. and my ‘heel chords’ are extremely tight when I put the foot in a good position.

      I don’t really know how much change I can affect at such a late period in my life (I’m 39). I train hard but smart, especially since I discovered MWod. I work within my ranges of motion. I have the BASL book, have been to a movement seminar with Kelly.

      I’m doing as much of the mobilisations as possible but prioritising the hips and ankles, after I have addressed my spine and motor control patterns:

      1) I do motor control work every day (even on rest days) – basic skipping, hanging from bar and forward and back kipping without pull up, and jumping from kness, and box squats.

      2) I really focus on the spine and pelvis organisation activities in every single movement as much as I can.

      3) ankle / feet: Jill Miller / free calcaneus; banded ankle distraction; feet strengthening exercises and ankle rocker activity (I do a little of these in the video – up on to toes, drop down, back up, lift toes and rock forward)

      4) Hips: banded couch stretch, banded squat hip openers and lunges, hip capsule smash, glute smash, quad smash.

      5) lumbar and T-Spine: Jill miller double ball release, single ball releases, smashing, and contract relax as my QL/erector spinae get incredibly tonic / trigger pointy, especially in my left side.

      6) Git smash as my psoas gets very trigger pointy.

      Here’s my video. Sorry for quality, and the facial expressions 🙂

      I’ve gone through some ranges and activities so you can see what I’m dealing with. At the very start you can see the extent of my right ankle issue when knees are pointing up.




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