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      AvatarShannon cupp Cupp

      I wanted to drop a line.  I’ve been with KStar for a long, long time.  I found MWOD in a desperate attempt to self-heal to avoid the surgery that my world-class orthopedic doctor recommended was my “only option” for a nearly-debilitating case of Achilles tendinosis.  He wanted to “get in there and clean it up.”  Besides leading me to find CrossFit to (thankfully) replace long-distance endurance running, over the years, I’ve used what I’ve learned here to not only regain a fully functioning ankle (and therefore knee, hip, back, shoulders, etc.).  In fact, I have zero pain, zero swelling.  I clean & jerk, snatch, jump rope, box jumps, run, YOU NAME IT.  This is incredible considering I could barely walk for nearly 2 years and the only option given to me by a professional was to go under the knife.  The icing on the cake is my recently regained ability to do rebound box jumps.  Around 2009-2010, the idea of jumping, let alone a rebound box jump, was an utter fantasy.

      KStar led me away from ice, IBU, and stillnes and towards compression, movement, smashing, mashing, bands; literally changed my life.  In addition to allowing me to regain my athletic life, the lessons I’ve learned here inspired me, led me to further educate myself, and have given me the tools to open a successful CrossFit affiliate, where, like Kstar recently said, I pride myself on creating a “movement practice.”  We teach people how to move well and how to address mobility, and in turn, we pass over the tools to our clients to change their lives.
      All in all, I’m sure those of us who have been around long enough know, I’m thankful for the revolution MWOD has initiated and faciliated.  I am forever grateful for Mr. Starrett’s generosity.  Thanks!
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      AvatarPaul Robidoux

      I’m glad you had the exact kind of success that I am hoping to achieve myself!  I’m new here but anything that takes people away from surgery just by moving better sounds like exactly what the world needs everywhere.  Congrats on your CrossFit business as well. It is wonderful to be so excited by exercise and mobility that you can pass those important lessons on to others as well.

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      Maja GrayMaja Gray

      Congrats to you, and thanks for sharing a great story. I’m sure many of us feel the same way about how the intersection of CrossFit and MWod has changed our lives forever.

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