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      Hello all. Anyone know when the mobility tool Kelly called the Battlestar in this video http://www.mobilitywod.com/daily/sunday-december-1st-2013/  will be available? This thing looks incredible. 

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      Ditto! Either that or a TPmassage roller that has a section of a barbell in the middle instead of that cloth bound whatever.  The cold roller is not bad but want smaller section, not so bulbous…

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      Date would be very interesting to know!

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      AvatarZaid Mansuri

      My guess is that they don’t know for sure and don’t want to say a set date. I know the Supernova had some problems initially that they addressed and they are taking parameters to make sure those things don’t happen again with more stringent testing. With all that said I’m sure it will be out in the next couple of months though. Just my guess.

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      AvatarJames Cardo

      Originally was gonna drop in Nov as per K Star himself, I would like to get my hands on one before end of year. Hint Hint K Star

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      Received an e-mail from Rouge. It. will be avalliable later this week.

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      Are they calling it the Battlestar? Or is it going by another name?

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      Yes,  Battle Star 1-2 weeks it should be available to order according to Rogue.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      btw the TP cold roller is also pretty good. the hard metal surface works pretty well without using it as a cold delivery device.  i am looking fwd to getting a battlestar also!

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      the battlestar makes another appearance! 

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      Just a thought for Kelly – it would probably be better marketing for the product if he showed and mentioned it in video’s that weren’t restricted to the pro users.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      i’m not sure any videos now are non-pro…

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      Yes, there are community videos that everyone has access to.
      The last was 11/15. There usually are 1-2 each month or so.

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      Kelly still does non-pro videos, just not as frequent. Although lately it seems he’s just been posting old videos on FB – one of which concerned me since he recommended ice in it, and from what I’ve gathered Kelly has changed his opinion on icing.

      Still doesn’t address the fact that if he’s trying to market a product, he should probably do so in a manner that “hits” the greatest amount of people; i.e. non-pro videos.

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      Sounds like Kelly’s schedule has been pretty packed and its the holiday season.
      He has posted some past episodes which may address questions that are received through the site.
      Yes, the view on icing has changed, and Kelly has addressed that his view changed on the topic.
      People, We’ve Got to Stop Icing. We Were Wrong, Sooo Wrong.
      Community Video – Peoples, We’ve Got to Stop Icing. A Year Later….
      Earlier episodes that may cover more than one concept were completed prior to this shift.
      The episode I believe you are referring to Episode 128 is from 2010 which was prior to the shift in thinking on icing. There is other valuable information on the pelvic fault which is the focus of the episode.
      If anything it shows the evolution of the MWOD, and how when new information is presented thinking can change and is an example of how humble Kelly is and shares how and why his thinking on the topic has evolved.

      There isn’t an episode where anyone is marketing a product.

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      Ah sorry, the excitement that David and Phillip were showing for the product made me think of marketing. It definitely sparked my interested – but then only pro-videos were linked. So now I have an interest, but have no idea what is even being talked about.  Which in the end, makes sense if no one is marketing a product.

      As for the ice episode – my only concern is that people who may not have watched the “No more icing” video may think that icing is ok because of the old one recently posted by Kelly. I feel that some kind of disclaimer or warning should be posted so that people don’t start icing because they were only exposed to this episode.

      I fully support the non-icing mentality. I know it’s tough for some people to swallow. But it has great logic behind it and I’ve seen great results after getting off of it.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      there have been many products that have shown up: marc pro, VES sports compression, even supernova/gemini and bands – now the battlestar. although it is not overt, one cannot help there is some kind of underlying endorsement for the product due to its appearance in the videos… i’m not sure this is a bad thing – certainly the quality of results of each product is why they showed up.  

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      Hey all. the BATTLESTAR IS HERE:

      just got mine!
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      David, thanks for the update. What size did you order? 

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      the full kit! i’m a sucker for mob toys… but realistically i’m not sure which will work best for what condition and when. so i will have to play with it on different body parts – i’m thinking that some parts will require the bigger rollers and some will require the smaller rollers….

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      Gotcha…please share your thoughts/review when you get the chance. 

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      Does it come with those extra handles shown in video on order page?

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      At the bottom of the description, it says Xwing handles coming in early 2014. Although since this is a battlestar, i wonder why it wasn’t named Viper handles…just sayin’…

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      The Xwing handles are not available yet according to the write up on Rogue.

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      AvatarBrian Reinhart

      Agreed. It should be called the viper with a name like battlestar. 🙂

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      Battlestar Fullkit out of stock? Whats going on ? 🙂
      a) produced amount still very low
      b) demand like a bomb

      Looking forward to mine ! Delivery to Germany about 3 weeks …

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      Hey David how are you finding the battlestar in comparison to: rumble roller, lacross ball, barbell and voodoo bands? How would you rank the mobility tools you have used thus far for addressing tight muscles? 

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      Ha kefu gimme a few days- the battle star hasn’t arrived yet! Will report back soon stay tuned

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      AvatarMichael Erbesfeld

      You can’t really DIY the super nova, cut some angles into a softball?  No. 

      You can kind of glue two lax balls together to make the gemini, but not quite the same hardness, and multitaskability.

      I think the price point of this threw me for a loop.  I realize the materials cost way more than the other two since there’s bearings etc.  This seems like a bunch of roller hockey skate wheels on a stick. But, then, I looked up the cost to DIY this, and damn roller hockey wheels are expensive.  Think I’ll be picking this up.

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      I’m really hoping that I can use the Battlestar to “smash the crap” (Kelly’s phrase) out of my IT band, something that neither the Gemini or Battlestar allow in the same way as a foam or Rumble Roller. I do the stacking he advises (Gemini on the outside, Supernova on the inside) and it’s a good mob, but not quite what I’m looking for. 

      What are other people’s hopes for the Battlestar? 
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      AvatarBrian Reinhart

      I hope that it serves as a home defense weapon and well as a something to “smash the crap” out of my IT bands.

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      AvatarZaid Mansuri

      I get my battlestar today and will let you know how it is.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      ugh Raymond – jealous!

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      AvatarZaid Mansuri

      It is as good or better than advertised! Another amazing product!

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      Hey Raymond keep us updated on the long term effectiveness of battlestar, I would be interested to here the results of it in 1-2 weeks of continual use. 1 day might be to soon to tell if its effective. You might think its really good because it feels different. 

      How do you compare it to the other mobility tools? Is it better than both the rumble roller and lacrosse ball?
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      AvatarNathan Richer

      first, my bstar arriving tomorrow woot!

      second, here’s my take on tools.  i think it depends on the situation on which tool you might choose.  there is:
      1. are you a noob to smashing or been smashing for a while? there is a tolerance to be built up in tissues and your ability to relax when pressing against a soft to hard object, small (more focused) or bigger (wider spread out effect).
      there is the fact that a given muscle which you’ve never smashed before may require you to start with a softer, bigger tool first – remember the first time you smashed your adductors? hats off to you if you started with a supernova! i started with an alpha ball and worked up to that.
      2. the muscle in question can also respond better to certain size/hardness.  if i’m trying to work my serratus, i can’t get on a hard supernova because it hurts my ribs. but an alpha ball works great.  i also find that i get better results using an alpha ball across my lats. for some reason, the hardness of the supernova makes it hard for me to fully relax into it.  
      3. certain sizes of the tool will work better in certain situations.  some days I find that i cannot use a supernova on my lateralis. but using a lacrosse ball lets me get more targeted and affects less area, but more effect on the area that it does touch.  sometimes i can roll through the lumps better with a lacrosse ball than with supernova.
      4. certain tools have different characteristics.  pre-bstar, i was using a TP cold roller – no space for a barbell in my little workout space – because i liked the hard metal surface.  however, the TP surface is also very slick and smooth. so i am looking fwd to trying out the grippiness of the bstar and see if it gets more effect on fascia.
      so i think it’s an advantage to have a multitude of tools at your disposal to try against your muscles in different areas and situations…
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      AvatarZaid Mansuri

      I have had 24 hours to enjoy it thus far and to David’s point I will highlight a few things. 

      1. I have been doing mobilization techniques for almost three years since I read “Stretch to Win” & “Anatomy Trains”
      2. I have competed athletically at high level for quite some years and have had the chance to try a lot of different tools. (Although not as many as KStar)
      3. I have tight quads, calves, and lats (among other things). The Battlestar helps me with these areas more than the rumble roller or lacrosse ball.
      4. To David’s point you need multiple tools for multiple things! This is not a one tool fits all. I have this as well as the gemini, supernova, multiple types of YTU balls, and many other tools. I believe that this will enhance the experience of the areas that a rumble roller or grid are meant for.
      I will update after a more thorough use but I one quick thing that I like is that it has the rolling effect while staying in place. The other rollers start to move sometimes as you smash so there is a need to adjust at times. 
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      Battlestar is great kicks using a barbell up a gear or 2.
      Awesome that it gets in the hard to get corners in the ankle and upper arm. The grippines gets in.
      Good to have the 2 sizes as well.
      Hit the finishing parts of my ankle that nothing has been able to get into.
      Definitely goes well with the supernova and gemini.
      Each having places that bring out the best in the tool.
      I wouldn’t want to be without any of them, and I use YTU Therapy plus ball for some aspects.

      Definitely think there is a progression with what tools you are using where and when. You don’t want to overdo something same as overdoing something in training.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      thought i’d post about the bstar so far:

      bstar is starting to make more of an appearance in dailyRx:

      roop’s taking up slack and peeling away seems to work pretty well for my wiped out forearms.  i also don’t have to worry about a lacrosse ball slipping away from under the forearm.

      just worked my heel cord and calves. again i love the stickiness of the wheels. when combined with its firmness, you can take up slack of the fascia as well as get into the muscle with its hardness.  a barbell or TP cold roller is hard but too slick – using the knurling on a barbell to grab your skin is kind of abusive!

      i am also surprised at how light each roller is. i expected so many rollerblade wheels to be a lot heavier!

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