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      AvatarJustin Carangi

      Hello, I recently completed the Movement and Mobility Specialist certification and would like some tips on how to take the next step in using it to develop my career. I’m a college student and active CrossFitter, so I’m looking for advice on how to leverage my qualification to begin working as a Specialist. I’m going to get my L1 from CrossFit in December or January and will begin coaching at the box I go to, but I would also like to travel to other local boxes that do not have certified Mobility Specialists and either set up a class, work with athletes on specific issues, etc.

      I am currently working as a physical therapy aide, so this certification is helping me tremendously, but my position at the clinic is not one that will provide me with the best experience/value in the long run.

      Does anyone have any advice or experience that you can share with me?

      Here are a couple of things that I am looking for, specifically:

      What language/phrasing do you use to accurately convey your qualification so that people have a good understanding of what you can do? (as opposed to thinking you just know good stretches)

      What are some good methods or ideas for marketing myself as a Movement & Mobility Specialist to gyms/boxes?
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      You don’t need to “leverage my qualification”.
      Start working with people.  Volunteer with some friends, members at your box to get experience working on movement & mobility with people. Build credibility within the community.

      Meet with the owners/coaches at boxes you want to work with. Find out if they have interest in offering a mobility class. Learn about their community. Do some drop in classes. Be around, spend time.

      Spend time observing mobility classes in your area, spend time with other Movement & Mobility Specialists in your area.

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