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      Hi MobWodders. 

      I have alot of stiffness in my adductor-area, mostly in the high hip area close to my crotch. I played icehockey until I was like 12-13, and after that I started playing bandy (using skates here aswell) and have been doing that for like 13-14 years now. 
      I just quit this though and a regular problem during all this skating was stiff adductors, cuz I (and all of my teammates) are to lazy to stretch. 
      I really wanna have better mobility, but I really feel how my adductors are a limiting factor for my squat. 
      When I use my hand to put pressure high in the crotch-area, I can feel alot of these “muscleknots”. Lately i’ve been using the voodooband alot kicking, stretching, mobilizing this area and I’ve felt like its been taking a turn for the better. 
      Is there any other superdupergreat mobilizations (except for Super-frog) and voodooband that I can use to really mobilize this area? Preferably as a warm-up exercise pre-crossfit. 
      I’ve been starting to massage the area every night (don’t get carried away please), and don’t know if its helping but I’ll continue. Biggest goal for 2014 is to get more supple, so I guess best time is to start right away. 
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      Just found 26th, 27th and 31st of december. Will try these out, but if there is any other awesome stuff for adductors let me know. 

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      Medial Chain Opening

      The second one where he props his leg on the couch chair is a big favorite of mine.


      Super Sumo Groin Mob

      354: Make Your Own Super Floss/High Hamstring & Hip Gnar Gnar

      Episode 241: Sumo and
      Medial Chain Business

      22: Strong Goats, Orlando Style: Low Back, Hips, and Groin


      I can’t hit this area up very well with a roller. So
      instead I get a barbell on a rack – about hip height off the ground. I
      throw one leg over it and pretty much go to town on that groin area.
      Just be careful with the boys. 😉

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      so far my favorite smash for the adductors is using the supernova. you lay belly down, and stick the supernova under one leg’s adductors and roll it back and forth using your leg, across the adductors versus lengthwise.  when you hit a stiff point, flex and then release into the ball. then continue rolling that area. then move it to a new position on the adductor and repeat.  i also like generating a pressure wave with the ball through tough areas, pressing hard into the ball and then slowly rolling the bar across the stiff point of the adductor.  i do this for the entire length of the adductor. 

      one thing though – i had to start with the yogatuneup alpha ball. in the beginning, my high adductor was so tight that i could not relax even into the supernova.  so i worked it with the alpha ball for a few weeks and then graduated to the supernova.  i also used that big yellow golf ball available on rogue for a while but after the supernova came back in stock i stopped using that.
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      David that was pretty painful with an alphaball.
      Close to the hip in the adductor-area are a painful place.

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      Ha yeah! Mine was too – very tight and therefore painful, even with a alpha ball.  Give it a few days/weeks of mob-ing with it and then see if you can work in the supernova at some point.  Or if you have one of those yellow big golf balls, that’s harder than an alpha ball but less hard than a supernova. so you can transition hardness from alpha -> yellow big golf ball -> supernova.  the transition shows improvement in the area, as healthy tissue should not be painful when you press into it…

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      BTW, Kaitlin already listed the video which features this: Daily Rx August 8th

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      Ok, cool. Don’t have a supernova. So I’ll guess alphaball will do, otherwise I can just try to get it in there with my rumble roller. 

      Thank you guys for the tips. I’ll try smashing these a couple of weeks and see if it helps. 
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      When doing the reverse ballerina stretch i feel pain on both inside of hip/adductor and some on the outside. Only on my right leg.
      And it feels like the femur will pop if i continue doing it.

      Also when doing a classical adductor-stretch sitting with feet together and knees out/down trying to press them to the ground I feel same pain on the inside of my right leg, high in adductor close to the groin.

      Any clues?
      Im trying to mobilise alot, but dont have enough time to do work, crossfit and mobility.
      The wierd thing is that i dont feel any pain/restrictions (yeah my squat sucks, but no more restrictions than usual) when squatting heavy or doing any work at all.

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      Sounds like your hip is in the front of the socket and you are hitting bone on bone.
      Pain is a lagging indicator. By the time pain shows up damage is done.
      Sounds like there is restriction in your squat from your description.
      Your body can buffer anything for a time and it sounds like you may have hit the point where your body isn’t able to buffer it any longer.

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      Kaitlin, the pain was there like a couple of months ago. But then I did alot of internal rotation stretches on my right leg and pain went away when squatting. And I’ve been doing alot of mobility, and it has turn to the better. But I still think my squat sucks.. Although I have “terrible” mobility, I think I’m one of the people barbellshrugged talked about that has different proportions of the body, either being a long athlete or have some very long limbs of some sort. . I have long arms and legs and a pretty short torso which resulting in my backsquat getting a  forwardleaned backsquat/airsquat and so on. 

      The problem is that I’ve been very non-supple overall, and have worked alot on my thoracic spine mobility lately. This has improved ALOT, so trying to put more focus on my lower body now instead. 

      I’ve tried alot of the mobwods and don’t really know which one is the better for me, but I like the “super squat hip sequence” and will start doing it pre every wod from now on. Is there any other mobilitywod I can spend 5-10 minutes on post-WOD every day that will improve the symptoms? 
      And what do you mean “bone on bone”, sounds dangerous. Should I be doing the mobwods where I put the femur back in the socket or what should I do? 
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      Even if you have different proportions of the body having “terrible” mobility isn’t ok.
      If anything it makes mobility that much more important.
      You have less of a buffer zone for less than proper mechanics or positioning.
      Good to hear your t spine mobility is improving alot.
      If possible look at the skills you are performing that day and do mobility that hit those areas pre wod.
      Post wod you can hit something that you are doing tomorrow.
      When the femur is in the front of the socket vs the back of the socket it has less space to move before hitting the top of the capsule. This impacts rom & the joint’s ability to roll,slide, and glide which may be one of the things impacting your squat.
      Episode 78: Un-impinge yourself from mental slavery The hips is shown after the shoulder. I’d pick one or two and stick with those vs switching it every session.

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      Thank you Kaitlin. 

      Yeah I saw that video very recently which is one of the reasons I wanna change my positioning! 
      Last video is awesome, I have tried the kettlebell thing as well, but never thought I should hold it for 2-3 min (even do that sounds pretty stupid of me to say now). 
      I will do them all every now and then.
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      Set a plan
      Work the plan and you’ll be in business.
      You can kick it up a gear using the Battlestar.
      If it is tender I would wait on using it.

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      Kaitlin, I’ve found my biggest issue here.

      It is my hip flexor(s) that are tight.
      A friend of mine who is a massage therapist/physiotherapist showed me a super-friend stretch for this and we realized my right leg is not even near the left leg in “mobility” and it hurt so bad.
      At the moment I can’t even squat cuz it hurts when getting deep into my squat, it feels like the hip is getting impinged in that.
      So my question is, is there any good stretches I can do by myself?
      I can’t always do the superfriend-variation of this.
      Btw. The reason for my stiff hip is that when I’m standing at work is that I am leaning towards the right, which I think made this shit even worse. 
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