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      AvatarJames Bacon

      I am getting kind of beat up with muscle cramps occurring, they are such a nuisance.  I’ve looked it up in the past but soon become snow-blinded with the vast theories.  Not much help from the family doctor.  I really don’t know what is going on but they seem to happen to pretty much any muscle.

      They happen at the worst times too.  For example, typically I first warm up really well and then grab a green band for maybe some hip extensions.  Right when I reach the point where I’m getting some changes made… Whack, on the other side, my calf will cramp up.  I have to immediately scramble to stand up.

      I understand “it depends” but Is there anything out there that’s a fairly common approach to the problem?

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      So what have you tried so far? The ones listed on this page are interesting- do any apply to you:


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      What is your hydration like?
      You make lack potassium, calcium or another mineral in your blood.
      If you take medicine that could impact.

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      AvatarPeter De Maria

      Do you have tight ankle plantar flexion? Is so working to anterior shin tissues may lessen cramping in hip extension stretch.

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      AvatarJames Beatty
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      AvatarJames Bacon

      Thanks, I kind of think all roads point to groceries-in.

      No medicines, living on basic Paleo stuff for 10 years or so.  I do include occasional cheeses through the week though.

      I am finishing my 3rd month of top to bottom, literally head to toe, mobility as actually my primary focus.  With nothing surfacing as an insurmountable issue <whew>.

      Regarding approach…  Perhaps it is time for a supplement to catch up on minerals, the sweating it out factor has been maybe high.  Tons of plain water hydration, 100oz per day, maybe getting washed-out.  I saw the episode that mentioned optimizing plasma production, it sounds like a direction.  Maybe that and a basic supplement not sure what though, is there a test?

      Thanks again, Mike


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