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      Avatarsimon brooks

      I have been diagnosed with MDI, which I feel like i should be able to fix to some degree using all the stuff I have learnt from mobilitywod.

      The problem is it doesn’t seem like the mobilizations are getting to the root of my shoulder instability.  I definitely feel that they help as they alleviate the pain, and I have increased my ROM, but my left shoulder just doesnt seem to be completely right.
      Thoughts on this?  Do I keep hammering it out and eventually I will break through that barrier?  
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      You may not be addressing the cause of the instability of your shoulder.
      There is improvement which is good, but until you hit the cause of the problem it continue to be an issue.
      Have you looked at your t spine?
      Pro Episode #10 – Fixing the Shoulder Positional Fault/Tweak
      Pro Episode # 9 – Spinal Archetypes
      Basic T-Spine Mobilization
      T-Spine Smash – Double Lacrosse Ball
      T-Spine Plate Smash
      T-Spine Overhead Barbell Smash
      T-Spine Internal Rotation Smash
      Spinal Loading Error, You Can’t Unbend-Bent
      The QL Is NOT a Bone…Even in THE Matt Chan
      there are others…….
      The way way that you stand?
      Midline stabilization?

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      Avatarsimon brooks

      Thanks for the video links.  I have done all of these in some form or another, but maybe just need to hammer them more and make them a bit more intense with weight.

      I spend a lot of time sitting which I know hurts my shoulder position.
      i noticed when I put my left arm overhead, it feels like I’m missing a corner that I just can’t fix.  I don’t believe it has to do with internal rotation so much.  I think I actually am missing greater internal rotation on my right shoulder because I used to do a good chunk of pitching.
      Of course because of these issues it feels like I can bench to my full capacity.  Feels like I should have more to give.
      The problem is probably more that there are so many mobilizations that I try and do, that I don’t spend enough times one the ones i need.
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      Yes, it may be that you are trying to do too much at once.
      Pick one or 2 things at most to be working on each day.
      You want quality time over quantity of time working on mobility.
      When you say” I have done all of these in some form or another” take a step back and take one each day or so.
      Take your time and go through it completely.
      Have you watched the Episodes that address benching?
      The cause of the issue may be you need to stabilize or create torque more effectively.

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      AvatarKeith Borg


      If you are hyper mobile (you are) you have to find stable postions.  This stable CAT 1 movement is the key.  I often won’t let my dancers/yogis jerk because they simply don’t have the stability.  Grind away and be stable.
      Sliding surface work it the best for you.  Don’t pull on that capsule.  If you can’t get stable and keep dislocating.  Go talk to an MD.
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      Avatarsimon brooks

      Thanks for the advice kstar. It makes sense that the joint capsule is already loose so you don’t want to pull on it more.

      I most commonly injure it playing hockey and falling on an outstretched hand.

      I wonder is surgery is a viable option..

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