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      I have tended to be a flat footed athlete in the past who suffered from turned out feet and over pronation (tight hips & ankles). I have improved my mobility greatly with the techniques from MWOD, but am having trouble fixing my ingrained motor patterns, particularly when jumping and landing. When catching olympic lifts my feet tend to turn out slightly, feet collapse and knees track inwards resulting in some meniscus pain from the valgus knee position. When I can keep my knees in a good knees out position I have no pain.

      Any ideas on how to fix this motor pattern, obviously always working on my hip mobility, ankle flexibility and walking with straight feet. Can’t quite squat down with straight feet yet but working on it.

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      AvatarMilosz Makowski

      Hi Kaitlin,

      I have given all of them a go. The hip mobility is definitely helping my squatting. But my issue is the power movements (PC, push jerk etc). I tend get under the bar with my knees tracking inwards.

      Should I do the skipping work with bare feet to strengthen them?


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      Keep working with rebuilding your feet.
      It may take some time, but you will be in a better place.
      Yes, you can do skipping in bare feet. You don’t want to do too much too fast barefoot.
      Have someone video you doing the movements where you see the issue so you can see exactly what is going on.
      Continuing to work with you hip mobility will help to improve your position when landing.
      Have you looked at your ankle range of motion? This may be a contributing factor.

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      AvatarAaron Miller

      In addition I would consider doing some jumps in place with out the skipping rope. Consider stringing together several sets per workout of small height (skipping height) jumps in place with a focus on perfect landing form. Do it in front of a mirror. When you are 150% confident in your form you can add load. Make it look like what you want your catch to look like. The pattern will set in.

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      AvatarAaron Miller

      The above assumes that it’s strictly a motor pattern problem and not some restriction issue.

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      I’ve had the exact same issue. I play lots of volleyball, so jumping and landing is constant.

      #1 thing that helps me with the motor control issues (assuming mobility and strength is up to par) – Get a thera-band/resistance band, and put it around both your legs at your knees. Now do anything and everything.
      Walk (forward and side to side), squat, jump, land, etc. The band will force you to push your knee’s out. If you’re working on foot strength, you should start to feel the new muscles start to kick in and help keep pressure against the bands.
      Eventually, your body will naturally want to push out and engage all the right muscles that the thera-band forced/influenced you to start using and conditioning.
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      Also, you can test how well you’re doing with KStar’s jump into a squat test. You start with your legs under you on the ground. Sit back on your feet, the propel your body into the air just enough to get your feet under you into the bottom of a squat position.

      The instant you stabilize, take note of your knee, foot and arch position. Are your knee’s caving inwards? Are your feet roughty straight. Are you maintaining a good arch in your foot? If yes – you know you’re doing something right. If not, you know you need more work.
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