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      AvatarPaul Besterman

      So recently I discovered Morton’s Toe and that I have it, never knew this was what it was called I just thought I had a longer second toe.  After reading some of the material on the wiki page I’m interested if anyone thinks that this could be impeding with any of my ankle mobility or anything upstream or should I not worry about this and move on ?

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      No this is not impacting ankle mobility.
      Shouldn’t impact anything upstream.
      A minor situation unless you are experiencing something is your foot from it.

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      AvatarJake Watson

      I have to disagree with (well now deleted user). Morton’s toe (in my case a short 1st metatarsal in my right foot) very likely causes EVERYTHING. Morton’s toe causes you to bear the weight of that leg on the ball of your foot behind your 2nd toe instead of your big toe changing the “tripod” of your foot into an ice skate. I am no expert but that has to have profound effects on your entire body, especially after a lifetime of walking.

      I would love to hear someone with knowledge of podiatry AND familiarity with Mobility WOD and it’s concepts weigh in on Morton’s toe… because I just cannot find any good information anywhere.
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      When you say Morton’s toe very likely causes “everything” what is everything?

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      I’m going to go with don’t worry too much about it. What are you going to do about your Morton’s toe? All you can do is work the foot an ankle as usual and train within your current capacity. People get stressed out when they see these kinds of things. 

      MWOD Staff
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