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      AvatarEric Peters


      Friend of mine has been following mobilitywod for a long time , she has been doing all the mobility , soft tissue work for about 18 months now. but she is still  very stiff all the time, especially in the morning  . there  are times when she has a problem to even break parallel in squats. 
      she is very stiff around ankle and hip area. ( yes we do ankle n hip mobility which includes band work , soft tissue )
      She has a anterior pelvic tilt , which has got lot better over the period of time.
      we are not able to figure out why she still suffers from this stiffness. we thought of giving time for things to get in shape but haven’t seen any improvement. she also makes an effort at to move around and do the stretches if she is sitting or standing for the long time at work. tho she is standing most of the time at work.
      what should be done to tackle this stiffness. 
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      AvatarLisa Kucinich

      I used to wake up with a lot of morning stiffness, and I’d agree with the above poster and wonder about nutrition. Does she take any fish oil supplements? I do Stronger Faster Healthier and also Great Lakes Gelatin for joints. 

      I’ve recently added epsom salt baths and really like Village Therapy’s Menthol soak (, cuz I feel like I’ve just applied Sombra on my whole body.
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      AvatarMartin Repcek

      I wake up every morning with my right ankle basically frozen solid. I’ve been working on fixing my ankle range of motion for almost 18 months now and am just FINALLY starting to make some progress. In my case there are a whole lot of tissues stuck together that aren’t supposed to be stuck together. After working at it for months I’m finally able to get enough movement to get the connecting tissues to separate. You have to keep testing your range of motion and working through the restrictions. Repeat. My physical therapist says I should have enough dorsiflexion in my ankle to get my knee about 4 inches past my toes. It takes about 50 pistol squats (holding on to something) before I’m able to achieve that kind of range of motion. The range of motion doesn’t stick for long, but it gets slightly easier every day. Just got to keep working at it. 

      This video I recently found does a good job of explaining exactly what is causing the stiffness. It is pretty much in-line with what KStar says, but much more illustrative. Keep in mind this video is older than MobilityWOD. The medical community has a better understanding of fascia now than they did in 2005 when this was created.
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      AvatarEric Peters

      Thanks a lot for all your inputs.

      when it comes to nutrition , she is way to good with it .she takes  fish oil , multi vitamins, calcium, msm, vit c /e /b/. omega 6.
      good amount of protein which includes , chicken/fish/ protein shakes.
      carbs in the form of veggies, brown rice, oats.
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