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      AvatarPraveen Ruchandani

      Just a quick question about the monkey bars of death.  Whenever I straighten my knee, my knee sounds like I’m taking a piece of paper and crumpling it up.  It doesn’t hurt at all but I’m just wondering if this is normal.

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      Avatar[email protected]

      I don’t get this doing Monkey bars of death, but I do get it when i am doing Push outs.  Hamstrings seem to be the common thing.  Also the knee that crumples is also the hamstring that seems to be tighter.  Would like to know what crunch knee sound is all about.

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      AvatarStephan Guindon

      A slightly different thing about the monkey bars of death mob – is it normal/ok to feel it all the way down your leg to the back of the knee when you tack and stretch doing this mob? I did it for the first time yesterday, and it was very painful… but like I said it was the first time addressing my hamstrings like this. Is the nerve bundle in the high hammie easy to accidently get on to? Thanks! 

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