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      AvatarJamie Irving

      Apologies in advance for the length. I’ve got a few chronic injuries from decades ago that result in rom issues and some good compensatory mechanisms that enable me to perform my strength training program (full body gymnastics and/or KB workouts (3-4 p/d). Even though I’ve poor (not terrible) archetype positions and stability end ranges, i’m able to perform several strength moves and perform at above average level.

      Before beginning mobilisations 50% of my body was already sore to the touch and that has’t changed with mobilising 20 mins per day.
      For me to mobilise all the joints that are effected, e.g. left knee, right ankle, right hip, wrist, shoulder and/or elbow daily i need to perform around 40 mins daily, which i’m happy to do to ensure good progress and begin training in good positions.

      My question are:
      1. Should I stop strength training all together and just focus on mobilising, similar to just doing yoga, until the changes become more permanent? If feel that not doing this will only play more into reinforcing bad positions. Kelly said position mobility and stability before strength 🙂
      2. Will this volume of mobilisation be counter productive. Kelly is doing some 40 mins sessions so can I assume it isn’t?
      3. Shall i still prioritize moilisation, however use bands or other mechanisms to reduce the amount of bodyweight used in the strength training to ensure that the new positions found during mobilisation are reinforced?

      Thanks again


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      Michael AlzheimerMichael Alzheimer

      Hey Jamie!

      To address your first question, I would certainly not stop strength training, or at least continue to do it whatever capacity you are able. Keep loading in your available ranges and tolerance levels. The strength training is essential for creating long term tissue adaptations and by loading your new available ranges it will help make results more permanent. Strength training has been shown to have a protective effect as well as helping to manage pain. Your joints and tissues need the load to adapt and change, so without the strength training you would be stunting progress. Second, I think the volume of mobility work you are doing is fine as long as you have time available and it’s not taking away from the rest of your training. Lastly, I would only modify with bands or other methods if needed. If using these methods allows to work into farther ranges of motion and with less pain than it can be beneficial, but to continue to progress you’ll still want to be weaning off these methods and increasing the challenge of the exercises.


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