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      I am teaching fitness classes in a facility with no mob equip and the room I am in has nothing to hook bands to even if it were practical to buy bands for the whole class.  If you have had any success (or ideas that might work) with good mobilizations that don’t require any gear I would love to know about them. 

      Shoulder mobs are the big item.  Most of my class is middle-aged and couldn’t get into a good overhead position if their lives depended on it.  I really want to help them improve so they can expand their exercise repertoire.

      Your help is appreciated! 

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      You can work in partners with bands if there is nowhere to anchor the bands.
      You can start by teaching them about the stable shoulder position and how to replicate that.
      The more they understand about the shoulder and how it works the more they will begin to understand about movement of the shoulder and what they are looking to improve.

      You can start with basic elements using PVC. These are pretty inexpensive.
      Before addressing shoulder position you have to address the shoulder’s carriage or chassis to make sure it is organized. If its not organized you’ll never get to the bottom the cause.
      You can start with the inside of the neck, lats,  and first rib mobs.

      You can make PVC rollers and cut a yoga map to cover then if you want something to cover the PVC.
      Message me and I can send you directions.
      Episode 341: Runner’s Shoulders

      Episode 89: Bro, Your Internal Rotation is Lacking

      Bilateral Shoulder Flexion

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      Some of the shoulder band mobs work with partners but some really don’t work great.  I tried using resistance bands at the gym but it wasn’t great.  I also tried taking my own foam roller to let them try thoracic extension mobs before class and they all just looked at it like it was a strange animal.  Sigh. 

      I want to get some pvc pipes for some shoulder work, but it hasn’t happened yet. 

      Thank you for the suggestion on creating my own roller, but I would rather find things I can do without equipment so I am not spending my own money on extra equipment that I will have to carry back and forth to the gym since it is tiny and has no space to store anything. 

      So far I have found a couple of useful ebooks by Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson courtesy of a friend, which are pretty decent. 

      Work in progress.

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