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      AvatarDavid O’Connor

      Can someone explain the difference, if there are any differences, between mobilization of normal healthy (but immobile) tissue, and doing mobilization for tissue experiencing tendinitis? I’ve found the mobility work I’ve been doing for the adductors is helpful at first, but is very short lived. Overnight or even as short as an hour later it seems everything I have done becomes “undone”.

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      Mobilizations for an immobile tissue will not last as long as mobilizations on healthy tissue because there is more going on.  The tendinitis is a symptom of something else that is going on. If you are not addressing the cause of the issue it will continue to occur.
      You are unlearning one position/organization of an area and replacing it with a new position/organization.
      It is the same as changing technique with a skill it can be tough to break a habit and create a new neuro pathway for changed technique or in this case position/organization.
      If it is something that has been that way for some time it may take some time to get ahead of it.
      Once you are ahead of it things move to a more maintenance based situation as the tissue is healthy again.

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      AvatarDavid O’Connor

      Yes its been this way for almost a year now. Granted, I’m much better off now than I was 10 months ago, but still not what I’d call “recovered” or “healed”. I’ve put a lot of emphasis on fixing squat form and things of the like, but still find I need a great deal of work before I can actually perform a squat the right way. Some days better than others. Some days I can get by with very little work needed, and others its as if my adductors are steel cables.

      Do you suppose I just need to give it more time, and continue to attack it, or change my approach?

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      Good to hear you are in a better place than you were 10 months ago with your mobility, but there is more to be resolved.
      Have you been consistently working on your adductors and not seeing change?
      Have you hit these?
      Pro Episode # 36 – Voodoo Floss Series # 3: The High Hamstring
      Episode 208: Wide Stance Prep or Fixing Sumo+Decompression
      Episode 14: Celebrity Goat Death Match: Chris Spealer

      Another to look at
      Pro Episode # 21 – Pro-User Request Friday: Not Seeing The Change? You Need a Systems Approach.
      If you have been consistently addressing it and not seeing change have you looked up and down stream of your adductors?

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      AvatarDavid O’Connor

      I do recall seeing most of those, but will go back and review them again. I am looking up and down stream, but perhaps not in the correct areas for the most change. Let me take a look at these and I’ll let you know how it relates to what I’m currently doing. Perhaps then we’ll be able to determine if its actually effective!

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