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      AvatarLauren Hyser

      Hi – wondering if someone can please help.

      I see Kelly uses a battlestar in a number of his videos, but I wondered if anywhere there was a guide on to use it, to get the most out of it? Assume there are better ways to use it depending on what body part you are going after. Would be really useful to have some sort of guide? I know there is the video hosted on the Rogue website, but is there anything else?
      Thank you
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      AvatarLauren Hyser

      Can anyone help at all with this?

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      The best way to figure things out is informed freestyling.
      Spend some time tinkering around with it.
      This episode isn’t about the battlestar, but the concept is the same.
      Episode 334: Informed Freestyling Always
      It’s not so much about memorizing techniques, but understanding the concepts and applying them.

      The small battlestar is good on:

      • Heel cord, Soleus ,Upper Gastroc
      • Tricep
      • Bicep
      • Wrist and forearm meatiness
      • Peroneals
      • Lat and Tricep, Teres major  (armpit area.)
      • Upper Neck extensors
      • Suprapatellar Pouch

      The big battlestar is good for:

      • Quads.
      • Calves
      • QL
      • Spinal Erectors
      • Front Delt area
      • Mid and Lower Trap
      • Glute
      • Lats
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      AvatarGeorge McLaney

      Kaitlin, could you explain how to use the Big Battlestar on the front delts (ALWAYS struggle with this area) and QL and how to use the Little Battlestar on the biceps (another area that’s hard to hit). 

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      AvatarEric Kirstein

      I’m curious about how to use it with the front delts, QL and biceps as well.

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      Have a super friend use the x wing handles on the small battle star while you lay on your side or your back.
      For the QL have a super friend use the x wing handles on the small battlestar.

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      AvatarAidan Wright


      Just a quick question ? How should i clean this tool in order to maximize its lifespan and at the same time keep it clean ?
      Best regards, André Craveiro
      P.S I am loving the tool by the way XD 
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      AvatarGeorge McLaney

      Hi Andre. You can just wipe it down with a damp cloth as needed if it gets sweaty and gross. It should be bomb proof due to the design so not much maintenance needed. 

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      AvatarNatalie Bates

      anybody use the battle saw yet?? Benefits or just more sheer and dependant on the individuals goals?

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      The Battle saw is great.
      Can hit some fine tuning aspects in the ankle, heel cord, posterior chain that weren’t hit using other tools.
      I’ve been told by people that have used mine that experiencing it makes all the difference.

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