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      I was recently diagnosed with a torn labrum in my hip. Before getting the MRA I had X-rays done and the films revealed that I have a deformity in my hips. The femoral neck is abnormally large and most likely was responsible for bumping into the labrum and tearing it. I am a 46 year old male who has led a very active lifestyle over the years and this has set me back. I don’t doubt that I have had a partial tear for years as I have been loosing strength and mobility. About 6 months prior to this reaching the point to where it affected every aspect of my life I started hitting MWOD hard to improve my mobility. In hindsight I am wondering if doing MWOD worsened my condition as I was forcing the femoral neck against the labrum. I wanted to get your thoughts on this question and some recommendations on what I can/should do with this condition to to improve my current state. I am in the Army and heading back to Afghanistan shortly. Thanks! -Pete.

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      What did your doctor say about it?

      Are you getting surgery?
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