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      AvatarSam Ware

      Hey, I am (trying to) do CrossFit since one year but my progress is hampered by my lack of flexibility. To make it short – after watching Pro Episode #1 I can definitely can say that I have problems with all 7 archetypes. I do want to sound lazy but I will not have time to work on all problems at once at any single day. I was wondering whether some of you can suggest a routine to work on my mobility. Is it better to pick one exercise for each movement type and perform this each day? Or is it preferable to work on one day specifically on my let’s say external rotation for 20 min and the next day on my hip and kind of cycle through all archetypes? 

      Any help/ suggestion is welcome.
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      AvatarTony Rudy

      I haven’t watched any pro episodes; still trying to justify to my wife why I should be allowed to spend the money since she believes I already know everything, but I believe Kelly’s philosophy has always been that it’s impossible to tackle all issues at one time, but by changing lifestyle and dedicating 10 to 20 minutes a day you can start making change.  It takes time.  Choose one or two “goats,” severely troubling mobility issues, per day, and start from the beginning of the original project; this may be a start to start hitting your entire body, so you don’t become overwhelmed.  Throw in 8 – 10 sets of hollow rocking per night as well to reinforce midline.

      Personally, I’ve made a habit to hit pieces throughout the day, and I’ve become pretty obsessed with posture (I get made fun of frequently).  I put in around 15 minutes following my training and an additional 10 – 20 minutes each night before bed.  Couch stretch during TV. Good Luck
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      Determine most limiting factor and attack the pieces of that first.
      You can’t hit everything every day there just isn’t time. It’s continual work everyday that will get things in order.
      You should be seeing change when working on something test retest.
      Where someone starts will more depend on what needs attention so the starting place can be different for everyone. The important aspect is determining the cause so that is addressed so the situation does not recur. There isn’t per se a set routine to follow.
      Mobilize for the elements performed in the wod/workout you are completing for that day.
      Hit the target area you are working with for that day.
      Minimum 2 minutes to see change.

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      AvatarSam Ware

      Thanks you very much for the suggestions.

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      AvatarChris Fichtner

      I would start with anything that cause you pain or discomfort during the day or during workouts. you can also plan it around your workouts. If you have problem with your overhead and you know you are doing a lot of overhead work the next day, then work on that for the day. i would definitely do the couch stretch everyday since our society sits a lot, that will be a constant battle.

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      AvatarAmine Bennani

      I get obsessed with mobility too.  So I try my best not too watch too many kstar videos.  I can spend hours doing mobility, but I love to workout too. I don’t have time for everything so I prioritize what I’m working on for that day.  Lots of overhead movements? external rotation, internal rotation mashing..  squatng and dead lifting a ton?  Hamstring floss, couch stretch, table pirformis stretch, inner thigh adductor roll

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