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      AvatarEric Kirstein

      Went to the chiro the other day and had my torso/pelvis adjusted. It was rotated slightly in a way that was noticable by one foot being a bit shorter than the other, and the hip was taller from the ground on the left side compared to the right.

      The day after I was noticing regression in the adjustment and was wonder if there is any good mobility and/or exercises I could do to slow, or even fix, the rotation.
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      At first you won’t hold an adjust as long because it is a changed position for your tissue.
      It needs to be reminded of the changed positioning. Be aware of everyday things that can have a cumlative impact such as how you stand, foot placement when you stand/walk/run etc.
      Torque and Trunk Stability Part 1: How to Stand
      Episode 128: The Pelvic Fault and Back Pain

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      AvatarEric Kirstein
      Thank you for the reply Kaitlin.
      Episode 128 is great. I’ve been using the pelvis reset, but perhaps I need to do it more often. It always seems to make a popping sound in my right femur.
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      It may be a situation that you need to see a practitioner to identify exactly what is going on.
      A chiropractic adjustment to your hip positioning may be needed.
      Identifying the reason why pelvis position gets rotated will help resolve the issue so it doesn’t keep showing up.

      Seeing a practitioner will identify what the popping sound is too.

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