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      AvatarVeronica Gordon

        We are planning to add an Active Recovery/Mobility Class at our Box the next few weeks. We already thought about how a schedule of such a class would look like and how the programming is done. Also i stumbled upon this article

        But it would be great if some experienced trainer would share their wisdom.
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        AvatarVeronica Gordon

          Oh what I forgot, it should be once a week

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            For an active recovery day the activity selected needs to be restorative for that person. Its a great opportunity to work on a skill. The effort used should leave the person feeling energized not depleted.
            One example is 20-25 minutes at 60-70% effort run, swim, row, airdyne. The pace is slower and conversational with a focus on efficient movement patterns.
            Add some upper and lower body mobility/maintenance work. Addressing things before there is an issue. You can let each person decide what they work on.  Have them pick 1-2 areas upper body and lower body to address.

            Some have their athletes do Marc Pro sessions for recovery. Think in terms of inflammation maintenance.
            If you would like more info about using a Marc Pro with recovery let me know.

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            AvatarVeronica Gordon

              Thank you Kaitlin and sorry for the late answer, I forgot that I posted here.

              We decided to do a Mobility only approach, without technique training and low intensity mono-activities.
              How would you design that. Like what would you address in one class? And over a few months?
              Concentrate on one bigger body part in one class? Or look which restrictions the participants  have and work on them?
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