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      AvatarBrian Harrison

        Hey All,

        I am missing my front rack because of huge issues with my elbows. I have been enjoying Crossfit now for 5 months and really want to progress on my front squats and Cleans, but I cannot shoulder the bar in a front rack. 
        In October of 2000, I was working on framing a roof in construction when a truss brook and sent me in a head first dive to the ground. I used my hands to stop me and saved myself from breaking my neck, but shattered the radial head of both arms. Due to this accident, I lost 15-20 degrees of both supination and pronation in the wrists, as well as 15-20 degree of extension and flexion in the both elbows. My question is, can Kelly Starrett’s System restore these lost ranges of motion? If so, what is the regiment or prescription that I should follow to get the ROM back? 
        I have read “Becoming a Supple Leopard” as well as “DeskBound” and “Ready to Run” so I have a basic knowledge of the mobilization techniques, what I need is a day-to-day or week-to-week regiment focussing on getting that range of motion back. 
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        AvatarPatrick Thomas

          What outlook did the doctor give you?
          Is the loss of range of motion permanent from the breaks and how they healed?
          Great to hear you have 3 of Kelly’s books.
          Are you doing any mobility work?
          Working up/down stream of where you see the problem?
          Seeing improvements?

          A personalized day to day or week to week regiment would require working individually with someone to work within your situation. More information about your injury, and situation would be needed.

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          AvatarBrian Harrison

            This is the sad part. My Range of Motion at the tie was with in the  realms of normal because it does not restrict Normal Daily Activities according to the insurance. Doctors said I could get full range again but, at the time, the cost was prohibiting. That was 16 years ago. Muscles have tightened and additional range has been lost but I do believe there is nothing medically that would prevent me from gaining all of the range of motion. 

            I am doing some mobility, but not consistent enough. I think I am just going to continue with the mobility until they (my elbows/wrist) give me the signal to back off. Don”t I have to do some form of stretching (passive, active, and static) along side the mobility?
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            AvatarPatrick Thomas

              Ok,  sounds like you would be able to regain range of motion with diligent work.
              Since it is not a new situation it can take some time to start to see results.
              Other tissues may have made compensations to allow you to complete tasks.

              Are you seeing improvements with what you are doing?
              Are you working up and down stream of the wrist and elbow?

              Completing 10-15:00 of mobility work at day is a key starting place.
              You’ll need to address sliding surfaces, along with mobility.

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