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      AvatarLandon Messner

      Does anyone have remedy for regaining elbow extension? No pain, no injury to my recollection, certainly not a break or fracture. However, I’m missing a few degrees of extension. No problems with flexion. I’ve rolled triceps, voodoo and most videos I could find. I just can’t seem to get my elbow to drop into full range.

      Would love to hear anyone with similar issues finding something that works.
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      Work up/down stream of the elbow.
      Have you addressed your bicep or forearm?
      Episode 291: Elbow Pain and Grody-Tacked Down Forearms
      Thursday, March 31st, 2016

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      AvatarLandon Messner

      I just saw the video posted on March 31st that I think could be helpful. I’ve just started working out my extensors that are very tight (which is telling). Perhaps I should try voodoo flossing forearm or bicep only, then putting my elbow through full ROM. Thanks for the info!

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      AvatarKeith Broussard

      Consider some distraction work while you’re at it. Emphasize external rotation and gapping distraction with a power band. Floss in and out of extension end range 50ish reps. Combine that with some voodoo flossing and smash with a barbell. Sprinkle in some t spine mobility. Lost elbow rom may be a downstream effect of your shoulder being in a bad position so restoring T spine position and therefore shoulder position may be beneficial too.

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      AvatarLandon Messner

      I actually just watched a video suggesting it could be shoulders. Started smashing around my tricep/armpit. Could be helpful!

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