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      Not sure what I did, but I started walking on a treadmill at a slow pace 2 days ago, and started to get a really bad pain on the ball of my left foot.

      After further inspection and having my PT look at it, we determined it’s my 2nd and 3rd metatarsal heads that seem to be irritated. My PT said to try and wear some cushioned shoes, and it should go away on it’s own.

      My issue: I have a volleyball tournament coming up this Saturday. Is there something I can do to add additional support to the metatarsals so that I don’t damage them and so that I can play in the tournament? I figured there might be some kind of taping technique that I could use, but wanted to run it by the leopard community first before I go probing on youtube.

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      What caused/is causing the irritation?
      This needs to be addressed for the situation to resolve.

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      I have no idea. I have been taking my active life pretty easy the past 2 weeks. I get to the PT’s office after work  2 days ago and start to warm up on the treadmill, and this is when the pain started.

      2 PT’s couldn’t identify a cause. They just said it’s irritated and probably inflammed – but gave me nothing for treatment. 🙁    It did get better the next day, but today it’s flared up a little (not too bad) and I’m just concerned with playing volleyball all day on Saturday.

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      Ok just came back from my Chiro – he felt that there was joint restriction. He made some adjustments and most of the pain is gone. However it’s still a little tender to the touch.

      I’ve been doing a TON with my foot tissues. Lots of ankle mobility and general foot and arch strengthening exercises. I’ve been making a ton of progress – I used to have flexible flat feet. Now I can maintain a solid arch through pretty much all movements. I even went to get a neuromuscular/deep tissue massage this past Monday and asked her to check and see if she could find any restrictions in my foot/ankle. She said it felt fine, but that I could still use some additional ankle strength.

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