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      Hello, I am 53, a newer member of TRS and have knee pain in the medial (MCL) area of my knees. I indoor cycle (not much lately) and do walk a fair amount for work 4-5hrs/day, 5-6 days/week. I have been active throughout my life, mountain biking, skiing, not much running and have never had a serious injury. I use good Brooks sneakers that are supportive as I have high foot arches. I have gotten some light bruising to the front of the MCL. I just started the “front knee” pain exercises in the Mobility Coach area. I was just wondering if anyone had experienced this or any insights. Thank you in advance!

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      Great question.

      I battle with knee pain too, and am going through a few of the front knee pain exercises.

      I just feel a little ‘lost’ with all the exercises.

      How many should I do, for how long, etc etc etc.

      Any feedback from some of the experts in here would be UNBELIEVABLY HELPFUL!

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