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      AvatarElyse Waters

      I’m having some medial knee pain when running (right knee), at the insertion of the sartorius, gracillis and semitendinosus to the knee. This is very tender when I’m having knee pain, but not when I’m pain free. My adductors are pretty tender too (always).

      Hip extension is good, I don’t heelstrike or have duck feet. I did have surgery for hip labral tear in April, right hip (anterior tear).
      Anyone experienced this too?
      I’m gonna try smasing up my adductors and VMO, maybe do some voodoo flossing and try running again in a few days.
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      You aren’t heel striking, but how are you striking the ground?
      I’ve see this happen when someone is landing on their toe vs mid foot.
      Would be a good idea to have someone video tape you from the side so you can see exactly what is going on.

      Couple ways to hit the adductor and high hamstring
      Episode 14: Celebrity Goat Death Match: Chris Spealer
      Pro Episode # 36 – Voodoo Floss Series # 3: The High Hamstring

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      AvatarElyse Waters

      You have a point there! I might be landing too much on my toes.

      I smashed out my adductor yesterday and I’m gonna do some voodoo flossing today. Hopfully on friday I’m able to try running again, this time landing more on my mid foot.
      Are there any good videoes or articles about good running techniques?
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      Staying on your toes don’t let your heel kiss the ground.
      Your leg is loaded the whole time.
      Nate Helming, Helming Athletics, has good videos about running technique& its aspects warming up etc.
      Feel free to send me questions on it.
      Episode 305: Solving Problems With The Tunnel: The Foot Strike

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      AvatarElyse Waters

      Thanks Kaitlin!

      Another thing I was wondering about is jumping.  I notice, while I’m starting with my feet straight, butt on, abs tight, my feet turn out when I’m landing.
      I want to do more jumping in the future, so while I’m still recovering I’m looking to find out which corners of mobility I’m missing now rather than later. 
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      AvatarElyse Waters

      Update: Been watching some videoes on pose running by Brian Mackenzie today and tried to land more on the midfoot letting my heal kiss the ground, also trying to relax the ankle when running. Still having pain.

      Thoughts: My legs/knee really want to rotate out and I’m having trouble activating my left glute (right knee being the problem though). Trouble pulling with hamstring?
      Actions: Working on hip extension in internal rotation, some extra supercouch on the left side. Continue working on my adductors.  More ankle mobility work.

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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey Julie,

      I’d say you’re off to a good start investigating the adductors. Look for stiffness all through that medial chain (adductors, hamstrings, VMO). If you already know it’s mad-tender, than you’ve probably found a big pain generator.
      It would be also useful to know if anything else about your running technique is compromising these tissues. Case-in-point, you turn your feet out when you land from your jump. That probably results in a little collapse towards the middle, right? It could be that you’re expressing that same mechanical issue when running (your knees collapse slightly inwards), which is overloading and infuriating those tissues.
      If you resolve the problem with your jump, create a stronger squat, and attend to these soft tissue issues all together, you may get some good results.
      Keep us posting on what you’re trying and what works!
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      AvatarElyse Waters

      It’s solved, at last during my last to runs. Gonna try again today. This is what I’ve been working on:

      Running technique: Knee valgus, pull more with hamstring, land on front fort, not taes.
      Activation before workout: Glute, hamstring 
      Tissue work: needles around the medial knee, two times.

      I think the last round of needles had the most effect. Tried barbell smashing a few days later and it was sigificantly less tender. This weekend I’ve mashed out my very tender anterior tibialis and it feels likeI have less knee valgus when walking, that logical? 
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