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      AvatarSophie Ker

        I’ve been fighting this pain for a while, working on everything I can think of to little avail. The pain comes when standing, and seems to be located somewhere between the LCL and the patellar tendon, on the medial side in the middle of them. The defining pain comes when kneeling butt-to-heel, fully plantarflexed; the pain feels like a “pressure” in the patella that makes kneeling difficult. Often times, I will associate this pain with difficulty locking out the knee / quad, which shows as tightness right behind the knee.

        So what could all of this be pointing to, and what might I do to work on it? Last night I did a solid 10 minutes per leg of stacking, didn’t do much. Couching rarely helps, smashing the suprapatellar pouch doesn’t do much, etc., I’m losing hope.
        My hips are mobile. My feet are straight, and I’m spending a ton of time in good positions, and take my mobility seriously. So the fact that I’m missing this is frustrating.
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          AvatarNicholas Walker

            Hey Conor,

            I actually have the same problem!
            I’m going to watch the videos Kaitlin suggested.
            However what I like to do, and seems to alleviate the pain a little, is getting a single lacrosse ball and put in at the ant. tib.  Then slowly kneel down, going back and forth/contract relax. This hits a nice spot and works a bit.
            Give it a shot.
            Keep us updated if you find something!
            Good luck man, there is a solution.
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