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      AvatarJonathan Pak

      Hi all

      I suffered a medial ligament tear over a year ago – running! my foot went down a hole.

      Any recommendations for healing it ?

      I can goblet squat but there is pain after wards and also if im seated for long periods of time.


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      When seated are you getting up at all?
      Have you had anyone look at your movement pattern when goblet squatting?
      Or you can video tap the movement so you can see exactly what is happening.
      There may be deviations within your technique that need to be corrected.

      When seated for long periods are you getting up and moving around at all?
      Have you considered a standing desk?

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      AvatarJonathan Pak

      Hi Kaitlin

      I can upload a squat video for review!

      I have an office job and they won’t provide a standing desk.

      Ill upload a vid!

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