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      AvatarJordan Henry

      So when I try to pull off the overhead archetype i’m Not limited by my lats but rather by my delts. I’ve seen mobs for the rear delt and where your shoulder meets your chest but never the meaty bit of the shoulder in my case the side delt. Please someone, Point me in the right direction.

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      Michael AlzheimerMichael Alzheimer

      If your looking to do some soft tissue work on the lateral delt a simple lacrosse ball against the wall and rolling out the meaty bit of your side delts will do the trick, doesn’t have to be to fancy. Also check out 2:39 in this video if you want to get a good banded mob than can hit that general area:

      Does it feel like its the soft tissue limiting your range of motion overhead, or more in the joint itself? I think all these banded shoulder mobilizations found in this video done with some consistency should help you out.

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