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      AvatarHubert Stablewski
      So on June 21st I thought I tweaked my knee just a bit from hyper extension.
      It didn’t seem to be a big deal. I was able to exercise and walk with maybe minor irritation one day a week.
      For the past 30 days it has been a daily problem.
      Every morning it is very tight behind the knee, the hamstring and calf. I stretch and get it loosened up and it’ll give some relief.
      Any time I am on my feet especially walking it flares up and is always a dull pain and I feel like my leg is lagging along side the other one.
      Concerned due to being on my feet at work 8 hours a day in continues dull pain and i cant help but obsess over it, ha.
      Went to an orthopedic and he said it was possibly a pulled hamstring(no bruising, “pain”, or swelling so I highly doubted it. Meniscus and/or mcl tear which after looking into seems more realistic.  Hoping insurance approves mri.
      There was/is no swelling but definitely inflamed.
      Anyone have experience with this kind of problem and have any insight?
      It is driving me crazy constantly and my life forces a lot of walking!
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