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      AvatarJason Jenkins

      I have had this shoulder issue for almost 4 months now, here is a little back ground on it and myself.  CF Trainer, and have been doing CF over 2 years now.  When I go into the OHS position, my left shoulder has a hard time supporting even the bar.  Doing 15-20 reps with the bar is a major workout.  Yet I have zero issues with going heavy from bench, shoulder to overhead and front squat.  5 months ago I was doing reps @175 overhead without any issues.  We had a competition a couple weeks later and I think I injured it there on the 30OHS portion of the workout. 


      I have been to a chiropractor for about 6 visits.  He check for tears in the shoulder putting it through positional movements.  He did determine early on that I had some ROM issues with that shoulder.  I completed the exercises he gave me daily and received more ROM, but still have like a pinch in the middle of my shoulder on the top side.  He also found out after I was given elctro treatment on the area with heating pad, that he could pull down on my arm and both he and I felt my humerus bone slip when he pulled down on my arm.  He said this could be a sign of extreme fatigue in that area. I have been trying strength exercises with 2 1/2 pound plates doing front and side raises of my arms.  To no avail, the issue still exists as of yesterday.

      Mobility wise, I have done work on my first rib area, trigger point with lacrosse ball on front and rear delt, and on my upper chest under my clavicle and barbell smash on my trap.


      My next step was going to get an MRI, but even with our insurance, the current healthcare system makes it very costly.  I was hoping that you guys could help me out and maybe talk this through a bit because this doesn’t make sense. 

      Thank you for your time.



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      What is your set for the OHS like?
      Your shoulder/arm may be in an ineffective position which is impacting the weigh you are able to use.
      OHS is a complex movement that highlights other areas as well.
      It pulls in midline stability and maintaining a stable position with movement.
      The ROM issue with the shoulder are an impacting factor.
      It doesn’t sound like the strengthening exercises you are hitting the area(s) that need attention.
      When doing OHS are your arm pits forward and elbow pit facing up?
      Have you hit anything with your t spine?

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      AvatarJason Jenkins

      Mid line is solid and I don’t break. Your right about positioning of my arm pits. When I think the injury originally happened I remember my arm internally rotating and I couldn’t keep my elbows pointed down or armpit on my injured side forward. I’ve done double lacrosse ball work on t-spine along with a foam roller with a kettle bell on chest, arms crossed and going side to side under, on, and above my scapula. Funny thing is that if I am doing full snatches from 95# to 150# for light to heavy skill work, I have zero issues coming out of the bottom with my shoulder. But if i take the bar and do OHS it feels like its 185#. Does this make sense, because it doesn’t to me.

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      Are you able to create a stable overhead position at the shoulder?
      Flexion and external rotation
      Are you able to create the proper set up position for hands and feet for the overhead archtype?

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      AvatarJason Jenkins

      Holing the OH position while standing isn’t an issue.  As soon as I go ass back, knees out in my squat, I get instant pressure in the middle of my shoulder.  Hands are in my snatch grip and toes are almost completely forward.

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      Are you organized at the spine?
      The spine is the carriage for the primary engines of the shoulder.& hip.
      Disorganization at the trunk results in less shoulder function.
      Disorganization at the trunk will impact the pelvis(primary engine#2) which impacts hip function.
      It sounds like you are not maintaining the needed torsion force throughout the movement.
      Category 1 movement you start in a position of high stability maintain connection(torsion force) through the entire range of the movement , and end in a position of high stability.
      Your hands may be in the correct positioning, but it doesn’t sound like you are maintaining proper shoulder positioning throughout the range of the movement.

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      AvatarJason Jenkins

      I understand what your saying but wouldn’t I feel it in both shoulders if that was the case?

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      Not necessarily.

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      AvatarElias Ventura

      Brody, did any of the mobility exercises that you did help?  Or was the pain exactly the same after mobilization?  Movement is pretty tough to examine through text.  Consider sending in a video through the consult tab if things don’t clear up!

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