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      Hey all,
      I’ve have a developmental lumbar scoliosis which caused me a lot of lower pain in 2009. After a lifestyle change, chiropractic treatment and getting into training for the past 3.5 years, I’ve managed to avoid any injuries or pain which is great! Although – I’ve developed quite an inbalance in my erector spinae muscles (lumbar) on one side. It’s quite noticeable and the opposite side muscles are quite underdeveloped because of the compensation. Even after a good 2 years of strength training, the muscles haven’t evened out.

      After looking everywhere for different exercises that I can do to strengthen the underdeveloped side’s muscles, I can’t seem to find one that doesn’t have much of a gluteal involvement. The reason being; I don’t want to cause further inbalances on one glute.

      Can anyone help me out here?


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      With scoliosis there is a deviation in the spine that will lead to a problem.
      You need to address the neuro muscular component and see how you can release it to normalize it.
      With scoliosis you can be short on one side leading to the muscle imbalance from compensation for incorrect position.
      Hip could be short
      QL could be tight/tacked down
      Start with the pelvis and get organized.

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