Daily Mobility Exercises by Dr. Kelly Starrett Forums Back Lumbar issues along with “What would you do?”

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      AvatarAaron Ainley

      Hey all,

      Bit of info about me – 34 years old, 6’3 220ish.  Been athletic all my life.  Found out in high school that I had juvenile disc degneration with desiccation already then.  Fast forwaw to now…
      I’m currently a week post-op from a mico-discectomy.  Saw two spine guys and while I wasn’t getting a tremendous amount of leg pain, the fact that I got some quick onset of foot drop / numbness pushed the surgery.  The surgeon said that when got in there, the herniated part of the disc had broken off and was wedged in by a nerve root – so it wasn’t going to get better with PT or shots.
      Anyway – here I stand – I have multiple levels of desiccation from L2 to Sacrum and just had that herniation repaired at L4/5 (for what it’s worth, my MRI back in 2014 did show an annular tear at this same disc).  I know I have a few weeks at the soonest before they’ll let me do anything more involved than walking.  But that being said, here is where I’d like some thoughts / advice.
      Two years ago with that MRI is about the same time I discovered Mwod on Youtube.  Since then and going forward here has been my focus:
      • Give up back-loaded squats.  I still was doing some deadlifts but those are going to be gone now too.  Leg work is 100% unilateral.
      • No running, jumping, etc.
      • Work hard at mobility (hip, ankle, etc) as well as keeping my posterior chain as fluid as possible (which is always a challenge for me).
      • I’ve started incorporating some BW reverse hypers as we don’t have a machine (I do them off our jump boxes).  
      • Stay hydrated.  
      • Get my weight to around 200.  No, I don’t have a gut, but I have some chub I could handle loosing.

      The good news:

      My disc height / desiccation didn’t really see any change between MRIs in 2014 and the end of last year.  

      The bad news:

      To my knowledge, there is no way to reverse any of this – just to maintain.  And to be honest, I really REALLY don’t want to have any sort of fusion or laminectomy if at all possible.  

      Anyone else out there facing some of the same issues?  Is there anything else I should / shouldn’t be doing?  

      Thanks a ton!
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Working up/down stream of where you see the impacts to feed slack to the system.
      Are you working with a coach, practitioner, doctor, body work person on what to do?

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