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        Hi! A couple of weeks ago I was doing heavy push press and one particular rep went wrong. It felt like my core sort of disengaged and my back went into hyperextension. I lowered the weight and continued my workout without any pain. Later that day I started feeling discomfort in my lower back. The discomfort wasnt real pain (It was probably a little painful the first two nights, but no more), but I knew something was wrong, so I took a pause a little under a week before I started training again. By then I had next to zero discomfort. My coach said I probably had a strain in my lower back and that my back muscles were likely tight,. I have been as careful as can to avoid doing things that produce discomfort / switch exercises were I am prone to hyperextend my back for exercises that produce no discomfort (Only when I hyperextend do I feel  this discomfort). 

        It doesnt seem like its getting better, the discomfort is still there and sometimes gets slightly worse when I have misjudged the impact of some exercise on my back. I am not sure about what I should do. Should I stop training alltogether for a while? Or is there something I can do to mobilize my back and strengthen it ? As said, I dont feel any pain, just various degrees of discomfort. 
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          What have you done to address the area?
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          It can mean hitting the same areas a few different ways.
          Jill Miller has some great quick fix videos  that address the upper and lower back.
          You can receive a free quick fix here others are available for a small fee.

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          AvatarKris MacPhail

            Thanks for your reply! I havent done very much to adress the problem other than light stretching in the opposite direction of the discomfort. I am a novice at crossfit, and do not know very much about mobility and how to manage small injuries, etc.  I will check out the videos by Jill Miller and see if it helps! 

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