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      AvatarJohn Smith

      Hello Folks. I new to the site though I’ve been using “supple leopard” for a few months. I’ve been doing crossfit since the end of January this year. I’ve a problem I could use some help with concerning my lower back on the left side. I trained for a few days during the week nothing too stressful on Saturday it was raining I was running from the shop to my car when I felt something explode on my left lower back I kept running it was only a few meters but since then I’ve been completely incapacitated. I’ve used techniques in the book and the site to improve pain and range of motion but it’s still very sore. I’ve noticed also that my glutes are stuck on and very tense which is pulling my feet into an open position. I am extremely tight on the left side going up into my shoulder blade and neck. Any help and advice/diagnosis would be great and thank you in advance

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Welcome Patrick
      Great you are doing CrossFit and have been using Becoming A Supple Leopard for a few months.
      I’d recommend seeing someone.
      You’ve taken a crack at and it needs more. Sounds like there could be a couple things going on.
      How long ago did it happen?
      Your glutes could be protecting something else.
      Check out a search on the episodes link and the daily|mwod like to address what you are experiencing upstream.

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      I will echo Kaitlin here. See someone who can guide you to a solution and not someone who is just looking to see you over and over again. We can not diagnose a problem over a forum. 

      In the meantime make sure to try and desensitize the areas with any kind of smashing you can tolerate and start working in some training that is non-aggravating. Think hinging and squatting exercises to tolerance.
      MWOD Staff
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