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      AvatarBarry Woods

      Good morning all! First time posting here, and I may have simply missed a similar discussion in the forum, but here goes:

      I seem to get lower back pain every time I work on Snatches. It appears to specifically be just left of the spine. Normally, the day after heavy snatch work I feel it, but it registers more as tightness or soreness. This morning it was almost as if I hit the snatch (not very heavy either) and it tightened up immediately. Ended up having to leave the gym because bending forward was difficult. Again, not painful more just super-tight.

      Before leaving I worked on some mobilization, but nothing seemed to help. Standing is fine, but sitting (in the car/at work) I can feel discomfort.

      Funny thing is, my wife actually stopped doing CrossFit after the Snatches in the open last year did something similar in her back. Any help would be hugely appreciated, not only to get myself back in the gym, but her as well!!


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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      May be something with your technique.
      Could you ask a coach to watch a few and get some feedback?
      Does it only occur with snatch work?

      Stretch hamstring, glute, &it band.

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      This is likely a set up and technique related issue. These kinds of issues tend to happen in people who pull with a flexed spine and then fixate the bar overhead while they back is in over extension. There can be a lot that leads to this but start with making sure you understand how to brace your spine from the beginning and keep it in a good position the whole time. This probably means going back to squats and overhead squats and looking at how you do them. Then you can go see whats happening at the shoulders and upper back and hips and ankles. The snatch requires a tremendous amount of skill, mobility, and motor control. Many people do them because that is what the gym says to do when they should really be modifying the movement.

      MWOD Staff
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